Home Decor
To give a personal touch to home, there is an exquisite variety of home decoration pieces hitting the market. Read to know more about colorful home accessories and fabric lampshades.

Home Accessories

Home is not just that beautiful palace that you crave to be in, it also is about the feelings attached to it that you value, probably value the most. Colorful home accessories that you bought and the feelings and emotions that your family members shared with each other are what make your home as precious as it is to you. The home witnesses a lot of happenings in your life - a mixture of good and bad. Therefore, while decorating a house the focus should not just be on classy expensive home decoration pieces but on articles that add more personal touch to your home. Every household item should reflect who you are, who you 'really' are. This is what counts. It's not about how much of what you have; it is about 'what' you have. Go through the following tips to know how to add that extra charm to your home sweet home.

Bedroom Decor Accessories
When it comes to bedroom decor, nothing draws your attention more quickly than the sheets that cover your bed. Duvets, quilts and bedspreads have a lot to say about your lifestyle but linens, particularly those on which you sleep, make your style statement easily. Today, the bedroom decor dialogue is not just about luxury, it has moved on from luxury to organic. Bamboo sheets are in! Bamboo sheets are natural and do help you breathe. This offers you a tempting prospect of slumber that is both comfortable and restful. Moreover, bamboo sheets are the best friends of the rich and the economically minded alike. While the former can go in for 100% bamboo sheets, the latter can go in for cotton/bamboo blends. Bamboo sheets are even known to be softer than the expensive Egyptian cotton sheets variety. As if this weren't enough, bamboo sheets are eco-friendly (because they come from a sustainable resource), hypoallergenic and antibacterial!

Kitchen Decor Accessories
This is an era of compact living, where both time and space run at a premium rate. A simple martini glass is quite the perfect and versatile accessory for your kitchen, and perhaps no other accessory can fit this bill as well as the martini glass does. It is usually perceived as fragile, but the martini glass is actually robust and versatile in its many uses. It immediately conveys a sense of elegance. It also hints at your accomplishments and prosperity. It is the simplicity of the martini glass that makes it so charming, apart from its contents. Whether you use it for serving martinis, or for shrimp cocktails, or summer soup appetizers or refreshing desserts, the martini glass never fails to make a style statement.

Blue Accessories
It is obvious that our home decor is a reflection of who we are, but our decor choices may also be a reflection of who we wish to be. One can be certain that everyone craves for serenity in life, and blue is the color that fills your home with just that. This color has the ability to soothe nerves and evoke calm. Tones, shades and hues of blue in your home accessories summon a harmony in your life. One of the most appealing blue accessories that can be used for home decor is a blue art glass piece. Blue colored glass is the most effective in creating a calming effect inside your home, because of its transparent, translucent and watery finish. Set a blue art glass piece against plain white to bring the best out of both.

Outdoor Accessories
Home accessories have moved outdoors today, simply because outdoor living has become that much easier. Placing water features, like birdbaths, has been a tradition of sorts. It makes your garden or backyard look inviting. In the recent years, it has become a trend to have ponds as well. However, as is with every water accessory, ponds too require constant and rigorous maintenance. If you're willing to go the extra mile, you can add a pair of swans as well. It is highly romantic and makes you feel closer to nature.

Remember - home accessories should be few in number and used in the right places. This will ensure that the accessories are noticed as well as appreciated.