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Read information on DIY for lighting, lighting in sitting room and window treatment.

DIY Ideas For Lighting And Window Treatment

While decorating the interior of a room give importance to every aspect of the room-the lighting, the window treatment and the light in the seating area. Do not overlook the effect proper, elegant lighting can have on a room or the fact that nicely done up windows can enhance the beauty of a room. Here are a few tips on how to select lighting and do up windows to add to the character of the room.

  • Ensure that the lighting in the bedroom is softer than that in the kitchen and dining room. If you need light to read in the bedroom use bedside lamps.
  • Install a small chandelier above your bed. It will add to the style and elegance of the room.
  • Use chandeliers that are modern in style. Use ones with a burned gold finish made with round crystals for example.
  • Read instructions carefully before installing. If you have a doubt then ask an electrician to do it for you.
  • Select candle-bulbs made of translucent glass as this will make the light look like real candlelight.
  • Small chandeliers can be used to add character to any room.
Window Treatment
  • Measure each window before buying curtain material, though windows look a like from far they may measure differently.
  • You can take ideas from magazines, paintings etc. and adapt it to fit your home.
  • Coordinate colors to match the rest of the room and the Decor in the room.
  • Use easy-care polyester. This fabric has a fine finish that makes it look like silk.
  • Choose your window drapes with care as they make a big impact on the way the room finally looks.
Seating Area Lighting
  • If your sitting room needs light a good option would be to use a ceiling fan with a light.
  • As light ceiling fans come in different styles find one that suits the Decor of the room.
  • The light from the fan will provide enough light for reading and the air provided by the fan will make the room pleasant.
  • Add a dimmer to the ceiling fanlight.