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Read about how to choose the major kitchen appliances such as dishwasher and cooktops types, refrigerators and freezers.

Dishwashers & Other Kitchen Appliances

Dishwashers are your best friends when it comes to cleaning dishes and may be bought according to the size of the household family. Some most common features include adjustable racks to accommodate dishes of all sizes, energy efficiency, safety features, quiet working and good looks that are quite affordable too. You may want ones with more functions and controls according to your eating habits. Besides dishwashers, some of the other kitchen appliances that are most popular are:
  • Cooktops,
  • Hoods and fans, and
  • Refrigerators and freezers.
Separate oven and cooktops offer you more flexibility than the compact cooking ranges. Bachelors who eat outside generally can opt for one with a single burner to save space while those who have specialized culinary skills may like to buy ones with as many as five burners to quicken the gourmet meal preparation. Ideally, cooktops should be safe to use and easy to clean. Inexpensive cast iron cooktops are durable and easy to maintain. You may also opt for burner plates that allow you to cook food quickly.

Sleek and beautiful glass ceramic cooktops and halogen zones are for designer kitchens. They are easy to clean, cook food faster and have a flat surface to enable you to place pans of any size on them. For expert cooks, gas cooktops are the best option as they are energy efficient, give you greater control over heat, can work with all types of pans and may have push-button ignition feature. The ones, which are made to cut off the gas supply if flame goes out, are the safest.

Hoods and fans
Hoods look high-tech and have effectively replaced traditional chimneys to throw out smoke, steam and odors of the kitchen and let in the fresh air. You may also use an exhaust fan instead that are cheaper and can be hidden easily. Size and power of hoods or fans for the kitchens should be chosen according to the size of the kitchen, energy efficiency and less noise. In the apartments where free flow of air is not so easily possible, you may want to choose units with charcoal filters to purify air. Ones with removable metal grease filter are easier to clean.

Refrigerators & freezers
You may choose your refrigerator and freezer according to your needs. The kind, amount and duration of food that you need to stock up determine the combination or separate models that you will need. There are models that are built-in and save space with latest features such as spill-proof and adjustable shelves, and spacious drawers and compartments.