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Read about kitchen sink and faucets in this article to know about unique faucet fixture and wall mount kitchen sinks.

Sinks and Faucets

Sinks and faucets play an important role in completing kitchen decor. The kitchen sink is the central hub of the kitchen and can well reflect your taste when it comes to home decor. It is quite natural to get overwhelmed looking at the numerous types and styles of sinks and faucets to choose from. The question might then arise, how do I choose the right type or the ideal sink or faucet for the kitchen? Selection of sinks and faucets for the kitchen depends on few aspects specific to a particular kitchen. You need to take into consideration the size of your kitchen, the purpose you need the sink and faucet for, the number of bowls you require, the size of the cabinets in the kitchen and other such aspects. The selection will also depend upon the design of your kitchen. Mentioned below are details on some of the famous types of sinks and faucets. Glance through the details and select the one that goes along with your needs and expectations.

Types Of Sinks

Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

The single bowl kitchen sink is ideal for people who prefer a dishwasher over hand washing. A deep bowl single sink is preferred by most households, since it allows rinsing large pots. This type of sink takes little space and is the best option to go with if you have limited kitchen space.

Double And Triple Kitchen Sinks
Double and triple bowl kitchen sinks are ideal for hand washing dishes. You can wash your hands in one bowl and then rinse them in the other one. Multi-bowl sinks provide you with extra space and also makes work easier and faster.

Apron-Front Kitchen Sinks
Apron-front or farmhouse kitchen sinks draw the picture of a period style kitchen and have a stylish panel in the front. These sinks can either be tiled or can be purchased in under mount models.

Bar/Prep/Entertainment Sinks
These are small sinks designed specifically to scrub and prep fruits and vegetables, but can also be used for many other purposes. These sinks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be fit into any application from the island in the kitchen, a bar sink in the bedroom or an entertainment sink in the family room.

Types Of Faucets

Ball Kitchen Faucets

Ball kitchen faucets are the most common of all faucets and are the first of its kind without a washer. The flow of water in these faucets is controlled by the chambers of plastic balls inside. This faucet is mounted from the top of a ball shaped cap just above the base of the faucet space.

Disc Kitchen Faucets
Disc kitchen faucets are modern faucets found in the market and are of reliable quality. These faucets come with a single handle and two discs that slide over each other to control the flow of water.

Cartridge Kitchen Faucet
Cartridge kitchen faucets come with a single handle that can be moved up and down to adjust the flow of water. The handle can also be moved from the left to the right to adjust the temperature of water. These faucets are popular due to their user friendly features.

Two Handle Kitchen Faucets
As the name suggests these faucets come with two handles that provide precise water and temperature flow adjustments. The two handles provide separate hot and cold water controls.

Pull-Out Spray Faucets
These faucets are both stylish and functional and are gaining popularity among households. You can pull out the faucet head and with a touch of a button you can switch the water flow pattern from regular to spray. These faucets make simpler washing dishes and getting those last scraps of food down the drain.

Wall-Mount Faucets
These faucets have a unique style and they do not require any deck holes, since the faucets are mounted on to the wall above the sink. These faucets are an ideal choice for antique style kitchens.