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Tips for organized storage, planning storage, planning storage capacity and home cleaning.

Organized Storage

Is it impossible to love living in a house with ample amount of storing space? Everyone loves to stay organised and clean. Everyone dreams of a living space which is well organised, a place which has a pre-determined space for all items. Everyone cannot afford big houses, but everyone can come up with a plan or a strategy to make the maximum use of the available space to organise things at home. A well executed plan, small thoughtful investments and little hardwork can make it possible for you to organise things in the space available at your disposal. Most of us tend to find excuses for not being able to organise the house properly, usually because organising it will call for a bit of hardwork that goes in for cleaning, rearranging and segregating items. These simple tips on organising storage space might help encourage people who are scared of getting into this tedious exercise and might help you organise your home into the one of your dreams.
  • One of the easiest ways to organise your house is to purchase furniture that serves more than one purpose. A coffee table for instance can have a built in drawer, a side table can also serve the purpose of a display rack, etc.
  • You can purchase benches and ottomans with hinged tops in order to easily get to storage spaces, which will remain out of sight. This will not hinder the look of the bench as well.
  • You can make use of plastic bottles or plastic baby wipe lids to store buttons, threads, nails, screws and any such small items. Reusing plastic lids and bottles to store small items will help you avoid accumulating new containers.
  • Place a big closet that can fit in smaller rooms and can provide enough storage space to store in old photo albums, linens or any electronic equipment. You can get multiple drawers or shelves fixed to your big closet to increase your storing capacity.
  • While looking for a designer sofa, search for a sleeper sofa and chair. This will help you get your hands on perfect multi-use furniture for the living area of your house. You will be saved from purchasing different furniture and crowding the area.
  • Make it a point to lay down your items in the closet in a planned and organised manner. You can make the maximum use out of the space available in your closet by piling up things one on top of the other. You can store bags, suitcases, out-of-season clothes and items not in use in the top most shelves, leaving other shelves empty for important items.
  • You can save a lot of space in your closet by adding hooks to the closet doors. These hooks can be used to hang belts, ties, caps, etc.
  • Get under the bed storage boxes installed to enhance storage space available. You can get wheels fixed to these boxes and can use them to store all odd items, emptying your wardrobe and closet to store other important items. You can store out of season clothes and accessories, games and many such items in these boxes.
  • Get a set of wooden pegs on the wall of your kid's room and teach him/her to hang clothes and other items there instead of throwing them all around their room. You can also provide your kids with enough space to store their little treasure by making a bed platform with built in drawers for them.
  • Have you ever considered adding value to wall hangings by making them an alternative storage place? You can make use of a wall hanging with storage pockets instead of using a plain wall hanging. These storage pockets can be used to store colouring books, pencils, rulers and other such small items.
  • Purchase drawer partitions, turntables and other such furniture that help you store and organise things. These drawer partitions and turntables can be placed in the kitchen of your room to store items.
  • You can use your creativity and make or buy a decorative shelf to store often used utensils in the kitchen. This will help empty the drawers in the kitchen making them available for storing other items. Mount under-cabinet racks to display your prettiest stemware or teacups. These simple steps will not only provide you with enough storage space, but will also enhance the beauty of the space.
  • If you bring your work home and if you have room enough to hold all your office items, it is advisable to organise this space as well. Get a desk drawer to store important papers, files and other office equipment.
  • Get rid of all the junk in your house. This is the simplest way of organising your house and keeping it clean. Spare a day or two for keeping aside all the junk from your house, to be disposed off later.