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Information about types of storage, storage shelves, storage cupboards, attic storage and basement storage.

Types of Storage

There comes a time in most people's life when they think or are compelled to think of home storage. This is quite natural as many people find it hard to throw away their valuables despite the obvious pile up. As things begin to accumulate, the piles of furniture, boxes and magazines make you wonder where on earth did all this stuff come from. Families accumulate stuff at an amazing rate as all the stuff is ostensibly essential, in other words, the same can never be thrown out. When you finally muster the heart to get rid of something, you realize that you are about to 'ruin the life' of at least one family member. The innumerable white elephants in your home become the proverbial elephant in the room. This is how clutter becomes a part and parcel of our living areas. The solution of moving into a bigger area isn't exactly a feasible solution, since regardless of the size of your home all homes are guided by an unwritten law. According to this law, no matter how much storage space you have, you'll always fill it! Hence it is important to organize your things through ideas. Read on for tips and ideas on storage.

Storing Things In Open Units
This method makes use of open storage shelves, glass cabinets and tabletops. Things should be arranged in an extremely neat and clean fashion, as everything will be visible. Unsightly things should be put into boxes and these should be neatly arranged on shelves. It is important to store all items in this manner, making everything seem organized and presentable.

Storing Things In Closed Units
Use chests, cupboards, drawers, areas under beds, etc. Things that get untidy easily like clothes, office supplies, food supplies, etc. are stored in this manner so that they are not visible to all and sundry. Things that are not used frequently or are used seasonally are also stored in this way, in order to store them carefully till they are used again.

Storing Things Conveniently
Things that are frequently and regularly used should be stored in such a way that they are easily accessible to everyone as and when needed. Things should be stored in their respective places, things required in the bedroom should be kept there and things required for cooking should be placed in kitchen storage shelves. Things that you use often should be kept in top drawers of storage shelves and things not used often should be kept in the lower drawers. Placing frequently used things in a convenient place in the house is important.

Storing Things In Remote Spaces
Items that are rarely used, seasonally used, those that are of no use at the moment but maybe of use later on, etc. should be stored in places that are least accessible like the attic storage shelves, basement storage shelves, storage cupboards in the garage, etc. Things like files or books that need to be referred to later on, Christmas decorations or artwork that the children have made over the years can be stored in such remote areas.