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Curtain Pelmets

Home decor is the makeover of your home interiors with regards to painting, flooring, furniture and fabric. Window treatment also forms an important part of home interiors and you cannot do away with a home decor project without getting yourself perfect windows. All it takes to make right decisions pertaining to decorating the interiors is a combination of your skills, imagination, creativity, effort and little money. When thinking of renovating the window treatment, it will be incomplete without decorating the curtain pelmets. Pelmets are simple ways of ensuring that the heads of the curtains are hidden. They also help in blocking the stray light from coming in through the top of the curtain and are also an inexpensive way of providing a new look to your windows. Pelmets are in vogue and really change the whole appeal of the curtain and give the room and window a distinctive look. There are a number of pelmet designs available in the market to choose from. However, if you wish to give wings to your creativity and save some money, go through these curtain pelmet ideas.

Wooden Pelmet
A wooden pelmet is custom made and the design is all made in wood. Wooden pelmets can be carved in different designs and can be polished in a colour that suits your house interiors. You will not need any fabric to decorate wooden pelmets since they display carvings. For carved wood pelmets, you can use curtains with different tones.

Contemporary Pelmet Designs
Contemporary pelmet designs are different when compared to traditional pelmet prints and the type of fabrics used. In contemporary pelmet designs the fabric used is very light, soft and bares small prints and not heavy patterns. Contemporary pelmets are covered either by swags or frills.

Upholstery Pelmet Designs
Pelmet designs also include upholstery work which goes well with formal decor set up. Pelmets with upholstery can be seen mostly in formal dining rooms. These pelmets are accompanied by too many curtains, swags and tails. The height of the roof is usually lowered to provide a balance to the room in case this type of pelmet is used.

The Crown Moulding Pelmet
A room with crown moulding can itself serve as a pelmet frame. In such a room where the ceiling meets the wall, the moulding can be metered at a ninety degree angle along with the ceiling near the window to create a horizontal frame that will hold the pelmet board. This type of pelmet is suitable for rooms with moulding, since it creates a striking and ornamental combination.

Pelmet With Side Panels
As the name suggests, a pelmet with side panels is not only to used to cover the window but also falls on to both sides of the window till the sill. Pelmets with side panels are also known as lambrequin and are often used with floor length drapery treatments. This type of pelmet is used in informal applications to provide a house with an unorthodox look.

The Quilted Pelmet
Quilted pelmets, instead of using buckram to stiffen a patterned fabric, rely on the patterns that are used to outline the quilt in order to highlight the motif. It is the batting that is employed in the quilting process that provides the desired stability. These types of pelmets are advantageous for displaying floral motifs.