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Read about valances, valance sheets and curtain valance.


If you wish to do more with your curtains, but do not know what to do or when to do what, valances are the answers to your questions. In home decoration, valance refers to an ornamental drape that is attached to a curtain or a sheet to enhance its appearance. Though decorations serve one purpose, valances were originally designed to conceal unsightly areas such as curtain rods or other curtain hardware above the window. In fact, they were also used as the only form of window treatment when one preferred not to obstruct view and make room for more natural light. Valances are popular with home decorators as they can even be attached to beds, in easy and inexpensive ways. They add pizzazz to the draperies and beds which often tend to look neutral or boring. Given below are the types of valances that you can use to spruce up your home decor.

Valance Sheets
Valence sheets, also known as dust ruffles or bed skirts, are not as popular today as they once were. Most hotels still make use of them because of their practical use. Valance sheets cover the bottom of the bed by covering the entire skirt of the bed. As there is no gap between the mattresses of the bed to the floor, it means that that dust is less likely to get under the bed. Having less dust under the bed indicates that you don't need to invest so much time in cleaning and sweeping. This can help you save time in today's busy world. They can hide all your items under the bed thus helping you maintain your room in a much cleaner and tidier way. They can add a lot of style to your room and help emphasize your bedding.

Cotton Valance Sheets
Cotton comes in different types with its quality depending on its staple. Cotton sheets that have a high staple are better in quality. The highest quality cotton is Egyptian which has a very soft, silky feel and is breathable. If you are a fan of cotton then remember, cotton valance sheets tend to crease easily and hence may require frequent ironing.

Flannel Valance Sheets
As flannel sheets are very soft, fluffy and warm, they make a great choice in winters. Made from a blend of wool and cotton, they are great at retaining heat though they breathe very well and are lightweight.

Satin Valance Sheets
Satin sheets feel good on the skin and are very cool in the summertime. They are also made up of breathable fabric. Being very slippery, they tend to slip off the beds. If you are considering getting a satin sheet for your bed, remember that the same is very expensive.

Curtain Valances
Adding a valance to the curtain top enhances its look by giving it layers. There are a number of ways in which a valance can be made. A simple way to make a valance is to add it to the top of the curtain. This style allows you to open and close the curtain. If one single valance is attached to the top of a set of two curtains, you will need tiebacks to hold the curtains open. This style of valance is made with unlined fabric and can be attached to lined or unlined curtains. Fringes or cords can be attached to the valance to highlight it. One more way to make a valance is to make the curtain much longer than is actually required. Then you can turn the extra length at the top to make it look like a valance. Valances can be made to match the curtain color or compliment it or contrast it.

Balloon Valances
The fabric of this valance style 'balloons' out thus providing a fuller appearance. Usually balloon valances are made of lightweight material such as cotton.

Swag Valances
In this particular style of curtain valance, the fabric hangs across brackets and drapes over the top of a window, with tails hanging down on each side. You can use almost any kind of fabric to make this design.

Ascot Valances
Ascot valances form triangular shapes are hung over curtains or drapes. These valances often make use of elaborate materials such as silk or velvet.

Italian Valances
Italian valances drape across the top of the window. The length of the fabric forms a curve, with the shortest width at the center of the window.