Lentil Recipes

Our Lentil Recipes section contains a number of delicious lentil recipes. Lentil or Dal is an integral part of Indian diet and Indian lentil recipes such as lentil curry recipe, lentil soup etc are very popular. Lentils are a rich source of protein and thus very beneficial for health. Try our healthy lentil recipes.
A delicacy prepared during the Ramzaan, Haleem is is made up of minced meat and lentils cooked in an assortment of spices. Though its preparation varies from region to region, it is a sure treat for the taste buds.

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Dal Makhani
Dal Makhani is a very popular Indian recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Dal Makhni by following this easy recipe.

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Dal Fry

Dal by itself may not be as tasty as when you fry it with a little bit of chopped onions and garlic. The flavours that is induced in the dal is so amazing that this is one dish that you just can't stop having!

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This kachori is deep-fried patiently on a slow flame to achieve that deliciously crisp crust that is a show stopper on evenings when mixed with suitable chaat masalas and ingredients.

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Tagged as the "Indian Pizza", this favored breakfast item in South India is easy to make and is made better by its aromatic presence and tangy mixture of ingredients that leaves all stuffing themselves first thing in the morning.

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Khaman Dhokla
Khaman Dhokla is a popular Gujarati dish that has found its way to kitchens throughout the nation. The easy to make snack is tempered with mustard seeds and coriander leaves and is best served with tamarind or dhaniya chutney.

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This South-Indian delicacy, packs the goodness of lentils and vegetables and is equally delicious. Nothing beats the feeling of dousing the idlis into the hot simmering tangy stew or savoring plain steamed rice with the sambar.

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Bangla Khichdi
Bangla Khicdi is a typical dish that is served in Bengal. Made with masoor dal and channa dal this is not only healthy but an extremely tasty dish. It satisfies your cravings without putting on those extra calories.

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Raj Kachori
Raj Kachori is a hot favorite among all chaat lovers. It is a dish filled with curd, channa and lots of yummy chutnies. That makes your life nothing less than heaven.

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A trip to Gujrat would be incomplete without tasting Khandvi, a typical dish of this place. It is generally relished as a snack and is best eaten cold. An ideal option for all health freaks.

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Dahi Vada
For a typical Indian, the craving for chaat or dahi vada is concurrent with the setting of the sun. Their hankering is only satisfied by the curd soaked vadas, which are dressed with chaat masala, cumin powder, crushed black pepper, chili powder and boondi to establish that perfect sweet versus spice equilibrium.

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Chana Dal
Chana Dal is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Chane Ki Daal by following this easy recipe.

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Obbattu is a very popular, traditional sweet that is prepared for Ugaadi. It can be prepared using varieties of stuffings like dals, dates, peanuts and so on and is probably the most awaited factor during this festival by many.

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Humus is a yummy appetizer, it can also be used as a sandwich filling. Learn how to make/prepare Humous by following this easy recipe.

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Adai is a healthy South Indian meal made with different kids of dal. It is generally had with chutney and or any other side dish. A must have for all health freaks, who love eating yummy food.

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Puran Poli
This is one dish the Maharashtrians cannot do without, especially on festive occasions such as Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. The sweet take on a dal paratha, the puran poli is a flatbread stuffed with lentils cooked in jaggery.

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Imarti is a dish that is typically served during weddings and festivals. This is a sweet dish that makes every occasion complete.

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Dahi Bada
Dahi Bada is a traditional deep-fried snack. Learn how to make/prepare Dahi Vada by following this easy recipe.

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Moong Dal
We do not need some great recipe to know a cook's expertise but a simple dal would be enough to gauge it like the moong dal. The correct proportion of water and dal is the pre-requisite of making it to get the desired consistency. You do not need to go shopping for preparing this easy dish as it only requires moong dal, tomatoes, ginger, chilly, cumin seeds, ghee and of course salt.

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Dal Palak is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Daal Palak by following this easy recipe.

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Medu Vada
Medu vada is a South Indian breakfast item which is made with rice and urad dal. These vada have a specific shape and can be identified with that. If you visit this part of the country then these vadas are a must try. We can also make it at home following the easy recipe, and if you think you cannot give it the traditional shape, there are different molding machines available in the market.

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This is for all of you who begin their morning with the hot hot vada. A typical South Indian breakfast option, the vada batter is pretty simple to prepare. Once that's done, the frying takes absolutely no time.

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Cheese Dosa
Dosas by itself make a yummy dish to have, and when cheese is added to it, the outcome is HEAVEN. Once you try this dish there is no way you are not going to crave for it any more.

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Sweet Pongal
A typical sweet served at festivals in the South of India, the pongal's richness and sweetness matches any festival. The addition of cashew and raisins makes this desert even more lovable.

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This delicacy from the state of Gujarat is one of the most popular Indian snacks. These tender cubes packed with healthy benefits will mostly make you stop at last but one.

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