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Read about the things you should remember while choosing a Reiki teacher and how to find a Reiki practitioner.

Choosing A Reiki Teacher

With the popularity of Reiki growing as fast as it is, there are today a number of teachers, institutions and training courses offered all over the world. Amongst the pool of institutions and teachers willing to teach Reiki, it is quite natural for people to convey the feeling of being lost or confused. There are many people who are serious about their desire to attain Reiki attunement. For such people who consider learning Reiki essential, a large number of institutions and teachers ready to offer courses can be misguiding. Reiki is a healing art that requires a genuine approach both on the side of the master and the student. However, it has become really difficult and challenging for potential students to look for genuine Reiki teachers or a master who can do justice to the course. The question that arises is that what are the criterions to judge a master as good or bad? Mentioned below are basic tips, the following of which will guide you in your desire to choose a good Reiki teacher.

How To Choose A Reiki Teacher
  • A Reiki student and teacher should share a compatible relationship. In order to find a teacher with whom you can share such a relationship, take few Reiki sessions from prospective teachers. Ask all your prospective teachers lots of questions to find out whether or not your ideas match. You need to trust your intuitions, when it comes to choosing a good teacher for yourself.
  • The length or the number of years of experience might not necessarily be the only indicator of the competence of a Reiki teacher. It is important for you to judge whether a teacher is genuine, passionate about the art and has a regular schedule of classes. Teachers who are passionate and have regular sessions mostly are genuine.
  • Make it a point to research on the professional background of your prospective trainers. It is important that the teacher you choose has been trained by an accredited Reiki association and has genuine background in Reiki.
  • Another way of choosing a perfect teacher is by asking the prospective individuals a lot of questions on the way they practice Reiki and the ideas they hold regarding the art. There are many practitioners who are unwilling to work under some conditions, irrespective of the gravity of the situation. Such a person can surely not be a genuine teacher since all he looks for is comfort.
  • You might come across Reiki associations offering you distant treatment or attunement programmes. Such a deal might be immensely misleading and misguiding, since the details of the course you will be taking and the qualifications of the teacher will not be clearly posted on the respective website. Distant courses can be ineffective and can also be dangerous at times. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from such offers and look for a trainer or institution providing attunement in person.
  • Be cautious of teachers who offer strange deals like learning all the principles of Reiki in a weekend. You need to understand that by no means can you master the art in one weekend. It is a lengthy process which calls for continuous practice and learning. Getting into any such attractive deals will leave you frustrated and dissatisfied at the end since you would not have really gone through genuine training.
  • The way a person uses the art personally and the belief he/she holds in the art is itself a way of judging a good teacher. Ask the prospective teacher whether he/she incorporate daily self treatment and how Reiki has helped him/her. The answer the teacher gives will be enough to judge the kind of impact the art has had on him/her.

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