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Information about how Reiki healing treatment and Reiki energy is affected by the client's attitude.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki or Reiki energy is an excellent medicinal tool in the hands of people who have attained Reiki attunement. Reiki can be used to heal physical, mental and emotional ailments. Reiki energy has an intelligence that is beyond human consciousness and this energy can be used to heal any form of emotional or physical state, irrespective of the time and space of treatment. There are various methods and ways in which Reiki energy can be transferred from the practitioner to the recipient, which will be taught to each student at different levels of Reiki. There is nothing that can stop Reiki energy from being transferred from one person to another, apart from the client's attitude towards Reiki. If the client is unwilling to comply with the methodology and if he/she does not believe in the art, then Reiki will not prove to be as effective as it can be. Therefore, the client's attitude plays an important role in the success of any method of Reiki treatment. Mentioned below are the various methods and ways in which Reiki treatment can be carried out.

Hands On Method
A hand on method is a simple but powerful method of conducting Reiki. In this method the treatment is conducted on the recipient, who will lie down straight on a couch. In the hands on method there is no equipment involved neither is there any rubbing, pressing, pulling or massage activity. The practitioner places his/her hands on the head, front, back, knees and feet of the recipient in order to channel the Reiki energy through these points. This method allows the energy to flow right to the source of the problem. This method can be applied to any part of the body, including injured parts.

Distant Healing Method
Distant healing methods, as the name suggests, is applied to treat recipients who are not physically available for treatment. This is the method taught in the second level of Reiki training that trains practitioners to send Reiki energy to any distance. There is no physical contact between the recipient and the practitioner involved in this method. This method is not bound by time and space.

Whole Body Treatment
In the whole body Reiki treatment the practitioner is asked to lie down straight over a couch or a massage table. The recipient is advised to put on comfortable loose clothing for the treatment. The practitioner might take some time to meditate and prepare for the process of treatment. The whole body treatment can either be conducted by placing hands on different points on the body or might even be carried out with the distant healing method. Around twelve–twenty positions are used to cover all the points of the body and the treatment lasts for around forty-five–ninety minutes.

Localised Treatment
Localised treatment is a specific form of treatment used generally to treat a particular injury or disease. The practitioner positions his/her hands on a specific affected part of the body. This method is quite beneficial to treat recent injuries, since it targets the site of injury. Practitioners can either resort completely to localised treatment or can first indulge in whole body treatment, followed by a localised treatment to provide a more holistic effect to the body.

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