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Find out how to use the principles of Feng Shui while designing your garden.

Feng Shui Garden

Feng shui: you can call it the art of placement, the art of water and air, or an ancient belief in universal powers. The Chinese believe that by placing things at the right place the beneficial flow of chi can be directed to bring about a harmonious change on your health, wealth and relationships. Feng shui is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world with more and more people believing in the positivity brought in by the changes they make according to feng shui. Feng shui can be applied anywhere, to your house, garden, office or even the lawn. Feng shui garden principles help you create beneficial chi in your environment. A feng shui garden is said to follow nature's lead with the primary aim of creating harmony and balance in the environment. There are few basic principles or guidelines to remember when you plan to design a feng shui garden. For more details on a feng shui garden read on.
  • The entrance to the garden as per feng shui principles should be on the south with ample of sunlight. Make it a point to ensure that there are no fast moving vehicles in front of the entrance, since the front garden is believed to influence your finances and success.
  • The pathway in your garden should not be straight, since it will help chi to move quickly towards your home. Therefore, it is advisable to have curves through your garden which will help the energy to move slowly and freely.
  • You can create balance in the garden by planting plants of different sizes, colour and shapes. Make sure you don't use cactus or plants with pointed leaves, since they tend to create aggression and tension. Plants with thick lush leaves are considered to be auspicious and you can consider growing a few varieties of them as well.
  • Water features like ponds, pools and fountains help encourage and enhance chi. Water features also resemble prosperity and create 'yin' or feminine energy. However, if you have a pond or any other water feature already installed, keep it clean and repair any leaks if any. Leaks only symbolise a major drain on your finances.
  • In order to create more masculine energy or yang in your garden, make use of garden lights in the dark areas of the garden. Remember balance and harmony is the key to a feng shui garden.
  • It is not just important to attract energy towards your garden, it should also stay there. In order to make this happen you need to make sure that hedges and fences around the side and back of the garden are kept in a good condition.
  • Feng shui believes that the main purpose of a home garden is to hold energy near to your house. This factor can best play its role if the center of both the front and rear garden is kept open and low.
  • Keep away clutter, debris and dried leaves from the garden. Dry and faded blooms should be cut from plants. These steps are important to cut down on negative energy present in the surrounding.
  • Feng shui believes in harmony and balance and the person following feng shui should always keep this in mind while making necessary changes. Do not have too much of water near your home. This means that the size of any water feature in the garden needs to be planned according to the size of other elements in your garden.
  • Remove any tree stumps, plants or vegetation that are dead since they all create negative chi. To encourage wealth, luck and prosperity grow healthy plants in the southeast region of the garden. The presence of soft foliage can be balanced with the yang of natural stones and rocks. Place some stone ornaments and terracotta plant containers for a touch of earth energy, particularly in the southwest and northeast.
  • Make it a point to make the right choice when it comes to garden furniture. If you have space in your garden to sit and socialize, set up an umbrella with a table and chair. This will represent shelter and protection. Avoid keeping benches on exposed parts of the garden. The furniture that you have should be well maintained because anything broken is a bad sign and is believed to attract sickness.
The pathway or drive leading up to your house is the most important part of the house. According to feng shui, the ancient Chinese belief about geography and right positioning of a structure, in order to get positive energies channelized in the right direction, the driveway to your house is the most important part of your house.

The principles of feng shui can be applied to your garden as well. By applying feng shui principles to your garden you can attract positive energy, wealth and good fortune. A garden should be a direct reflection of your personality.

The principles of feng shui can be applied to your garden as well. You can design your garden in such a way that it attracts positive energy, wealth and good fortune. According to feng shui different plants, trees, animals and objects used in the garden signify different things.

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"Feng" and "Shui" literally mean "wind" and "water". The term, as it is, suggests what it deals with. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese combination of art and science, which largely makes use of natural elements to create a positive atmosphere around all earthly beings.

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