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Read about Reiki distance healing, distance healing symbol and the uses of Reiki distance healing.

Reiki Distance Healing

The Reiki distance-healing symbol is Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (pronounced as Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen). This symbol broadly means, having no past, no present and no future. Another way of interpreting this symbol is saying, "The Buddha in me contacts the Buddha in you". The symbol is used by the practitioner to send Reiki energy from a particular place to another. When you use the Reiki distance-healing symbol, time and distance have no meaning. Most Reiki practitioners believe that the distance-healing symbol is the most helpful and powerful symbol of Reiki. Using the symbol gives the practitioner access to the life records or "Akashic Records", of a person. This information can be used in karmic healing. Negative experiences of the previous life, parallel life and of this life that have been forgotten, but are affecting an individual's behavior can be brought back to the conscious and dealt with. After this the person can be free from its negative influence.

While using Reiki for long distance healing, do not concentrate on healing a particular problem like a backache. Merely sending the energy does not solve the problem. In long distance healing, the energies work on the subtle body of the person like the Chakras and the Aura. It does not work effectively on the physical body of the person since it takes time to work on the physical body and ease physical pain. If done correctly by the teacher and received appropriately by the person at the other end, he/she can often tell you what was done and when it was done. All it takes is a few minutes to send distance healing, hence, this kind of treatment takes lesser time than hands-on treatment.

You can create a Reiki distance healing system that will automatically repeat the sending of energies to the person you want. If you do this you must set a limit on the number of times the energies are sent otherwise it may continue forever. If you have set a numerical limit, you must renew and empower the long distance healing every day. It is important to keep in mind that it is your intention that guides the transmission of energies.

Uses Of Reiki Distance Healing:
  • For those who cannot find a healer in the vicinity or are not comfortable with the ones they know, using Reiki distance healing can be extremely useful.
  • You can send Reiki energies into the future to help you through a specific period or to help you with a specific task.
  • You can even send the energy into your past to help you understand it and remove any trauma that is affecting you negatively in the present.
Each Reiki master executes distance healing in a different way. It requires the teacher to visualize the person you want to send healing to. If you have a photo you can use it, or you can simply send it to someone you barely know, but needs distance healing. The most important thing in distant healing Reiki is the intention with which you are sending the healing. All you need to do is to clearly formulate your intention and use the Reiki long distance healing symbol to transmit energies.

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