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Reiki Healing

Reiki for many people is an effective alternative method of healing. Reiki uses 'life force energy' to heal illnesses. According to the art of Reiki, a balance in 'life force energy' leads to good health, alternatively an imbalance in the same energy can lead to ill health. A Reiki healer can restore this energy balance thus healing illness. A Reiki practitioner uses different hand positions on the client's body to heal him/her. Reiki healers claim that when they place their hand on the people suffering from a pain or ailment, they sooth the area as energy flows through their hands to the recipient. The practitioner places his hands on specific locations of your body where different chakras or energy centers are believed to be located. These points act as pressure points, when energy is supplanted to the specified area, it gives instant relief. The healers explain the exceptional phenomenon by claiming that by transferring energy to the chakras they open up the healing potential and cleanses these chakras. As energy flows from the healers hands into the client's body the normal flow of energy is restored. Advocates of Reiki believe that there is a universal energy in every individual and each of them can utilize it provided that one explores its potential.

One important factor in Reiki practice is that it's coveted. Those who are initiated and have had a grand master to learn from can transfer energy to other people. Ordinary people can only receive Reiki and cannot transfer energy. To be able to do so you must enroll yourself in a Reiki group and undergo intensive training. There are various levels of learning. You climb each step as you learn.

Any layman can choose to learn Reiki from a person who has already been initiated or is a Reiki master. Once a person is initiated into Reiki it is believed that universal energy flows freely through him/her and more so in a concentrated manner from his/her hands. It is amazing to know that a Reiki healer can heal a person who is not physically present in his presence. Reiki practitioners can heal and help people who are not physically present at a place. This means that if a person is in a distant place a Reiki practitioner can transfer his/her energy to the patient without physical contact. However, this can be done only if you are an accomplished practitioner and have been practicing for long. Usually the Reiki master or even practitioners sit in groups to provide Reiki for patients who physically absent.

Reiki can be learnt by anyone regardless of caste, creed or age. The average length of classes can range from thirty minutes to an hour. There are many Reiki centers now in all metropolitan cities and even small towns in India. One can enroll anytime and be a part of this alternate healing process. Although a Reiki practitioner transfers energy to the client /patient, it is not a one way but a two way process in which a client is also an active member of the healing process. Reiki is based on the free will of the client. It is up to the client to decide whether he wants to receive Reiki or not and how much of energy he needs. Reiki healing uses a holistic approach that treats the mind, body and spirit.

Today, when people are fed up of medicines and its side effects and are turning more towards herbal and spiritual healing, Reiki stands as a pioneer in alternative healing. This is because it does not have any side effects and is cost effective. Thousands of people have claimed to have been healed by Reiki, but to believe in it or not is completely left to your discretion.

Choosing Reiki Healer
Reiki has gained tremendous popularity as a healing practice over the years. This is mostly because of the fact that it is secular in nature and is not associated with any particular religion or sect.

Reiki Distance Healing
The Reiki distance-healing symbol is Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (pronounced as Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen). This symbol broadly means, having no past, no present and no future. Another way of interpreting this symbol is saying,

Reiki Hand Position
The effectiveness of Reiki as a healing technique lies in its simplicity. In Reiki, treatment is conducted by placing the hands in different positions on the body.

Using Reiki For Healing
People who practice various forms of meditation, over a period of time realize that there are certain subtle energies within and around the body. There is correspondence between these energies and one's health.

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