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Read for information on college admission procedures, eligibility criteria for admissions and guidelines for foreign students for admission into Australia institutes.

College Admission Procedures In Australia

Why is Australia one of the favourite academic destinations in the world? It provides world-class education at an affordable rate. Educational institutions in this country offer a multitude of courses for students to choose from in order to achieve their goals and ambitions. As a student, you can benefit from the most effective, innovative and creative educational system. This reputed education system nurtures an independent form of thinking in its community. Student life in Australia educates visitors to work as part of a team, develop effective communication skills and polish practical skills and intellectual abilities. Located in a beautiful and scenic location, an experience in the 'Land Down Under' is sure to be memorable! Unlike in other countries, international students adjust quickly in Australia. Read below to learn more about how you can get enrolled into a university here.

Eligibility Criteria for Admissions in Australia
Education is the responsibility of the Federal government in Australia. The State and Territory Governments handle admission procedures for colleges and universities in case of domestic students while international student admissions are handled by individual universities.

  • According to the Australian educational system, you need to complete a secondary education in order to enter an undergraduate course and a three year graduation to apply for a post-graduation course. Some universities demand for a four year program equivalent to that of an Australian Honors Degree to consider you for any Master's disciplines.
  • Along with completing academic essentialities, you also need to give an English Language proficiency test such as IELTS or ToEFL.
  • Proof of financial support to fund your expenses and living in Australia are mandatory. International students need to take the GMAT Test for postgraduate courses in Management.
If you are planning to apply to an Australian university then you must start atleast 6 months in advance i.e. before the commencement of the course. Any queries regarding the details of the course must be put forward. You can avail application forms by email, airmail or even download it from the university website. Educational consultants can provide also provide you with adequate help and information. Forms of admission along with the necessary documents need to be provided.

Documents Needed
  • Academic Records: This includes scores and official certificates and transcripts.
  • Bachelors or Master's Degree certificates/Provisional certificates.
  • English Proficiency certificate (IELTS or ToEFL).
  • Standardized test scores like GMAT (for post graduate courses).
  • Work history (for postgraduate and doctorate programs)
  • Admission essay and Statement of purpose.
Student Visa Requirements
As per the Australian legal system, you need to have a student visa to pursue any course in this country. Application forms can be downloaded from the official website itself.
  • A processing fee for the student visa.
  • Confirmation of the Enrolment Form (CoE) issued by the host university (if you have already been accepted by the university)
  • Acceptance letter from your host university including the proposed study plan.
  • A valid passport and two passport sized photographs.
  • Proof of adequate financial support.
  • Receipt of the insurance premium which you will need to submit to the visa authorities.
Guidelines for Foreign Students for Admission in Australia Institutes
  • It must be noted that all institutions which accept international students must be accredited and the courses offered must be approved and listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for overseas Students (CRICoS). If not mentioned here, the course is deemed invalid.
  • The Australian student visa allows you to seek part-time jobs in the country to support your studies and living expenses.
Top Universities In Australia
  • University of New South Wales
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Australian National University
  • Bond University
  • Central Queensland University
The educational system and admission procedure in Australia is simple, if all requirements are met. Hope this article has helped you to find answers regarding the admission procedures in Australia.