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It is a good decision to study abroad in Australia. This article revolves around the benefits of study in Australia.

Study in Australia

Australia is a wonderful island nation which is reputed for prestigious educational institutions that offer cutting edge education form students all over the world. This dynamic and vibrant country with infrastructure and fantabulous culture is an ideal study destination from students all over the world. The country offers standard life and quality education at an affordable price. Australia has a highly vibrant social life which is largely out-door oriented with active involvement in sports and games. People in Australia have friendly and welcoming attitude. The country is keen in organizing progressive and dynamic educational program for the benefit of the students and all the programs offered at the country are recognized globally. The nation provides a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to live while at the same time makes the study and accommodation expenses cheaper than many other countries. The people have a rather informal and casual attitude. Great whether and appealing scenic beauty blessed with many endemic species of flora and fauna makes this country a beautiful visual experience. These are some basic facts about the country, its culture, people and education. Browse down for more details on education and common student life in Australia!

Education Programs In Australia

Education Programs InAustralia
In Australia, the education system is catered and handled by states and territories. Both public and private schools receives funding from state or territory government. Public universities are funded by federal government. Australia follows the three tier model of education - with primary, secondary and tertiary education. Primary and secondary education is given through schools while tertiary education refers to post-school education. Tertiary education is provided either through vocational sector or through colleges/ universities. The vocational education provides practical training and is more career-oriented. Australian universities and colleges are renowned all over the world for the quality education and excellent training.

Admission For International Students
There is no restriction for foreign students to pursue education from Australia. Australia welcomes about 400000 foreign students from more than 200 countries around the world each year. All that you need to remember is to take IELTS/ ToEFL test before applying to the universities. The country takes good care of it foreign students. The 'Education services For overseas students Act 2000' ensures quality of the education provided to foreign students. You can apply online to the University of your Choice and you will receive an offer letter if your profile matches the admission criteria.

Education at Australia is moderately expensive when compare to other hot educational destinations. Both educational and living expenses are comparatively lower than other developed countries. The government tries to provide high quality education at really affordable rates. You can work up to 20 hours a week if you have permit to work but, you can start work only after commencement of your course and never before that. International students can find work in areas like retail, administration and hospitality. Australia has great respect for job and the country pays good salary too.

Australia puts forward a range of options for a student to select from. Universities provide accommodation for their students. Hostels and halls of accommodations are the option available with the campus. However, you can go for off campus accommodation also. There are many options. Homestay forms the best option where you stay with an Australian family. This will take you much closer to the Australian lifestyles. It can cost up to 180 - 250AUD per week and that usually includes meals as well.Students can hire apartments / houses at a sharing basis. This will give you a comfortable stay at affordable rate. Australia is definitely among those countries with high standards of living but, is more affordable than other countries.

Essential Documents
Passport is the ticket to study abroad. Without a passport, you cannot even think of this opportunity. Next is visa, which will be issued on your request along with some documents like passport, offer letter, documents to prove sufficient financial back up etc. Health and travel insurance are important. All other documents mentioned in the offer letter should be made ready by the time of admission.

Famous Universities In Australia
  • Australian National University
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Queensland
  • University of NSW
  • University of Sydney
Australia is a wonderful study destination beyond doubts. Moreover it would provide you with great experiences. Enjoy a great time and wish you a bright future ahead!