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Know more about study expenses and financial aid, living costs for international students and famous Australian scholarships for study abroad students.

Study Expenses & Financial Aid In Australia

Australia is a dynamic and technologically forward nation with outstanding features. It is due to this reason that it attracts foreign students who wish to pursue their higher education. Equipped with world's top universities such as the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney, Australia promises to provide the best educational system. Acquiring this degree is reputable as it is recognized worldwide. one of the highlights of these universities is a high quality education and teaching facilities. The courses offered here are vast and interesting. Most student committees help students during the course of their programs. But it is essential that every individual prepares a budget for clothing, food, accommodation, education and entertainment. If there is any shortage of money, students reach out to the Australian Government for financial assistance. To get a clearer picture of the study expenses and financial aid in Australia, read the following sections carefully.

Living Costs In Australia For International Students
  • once you have decided to opt for a higher level of education in Australia, it is essential that you alter your personal budget accordingly. This will help you save for emergencies and unforeseen expenditures.
  • It is important that you keep a constant check on the current exchange rates and consider a higher scale while converting.
  • The cost of living is different in different parts of Australia. For example, renting a small apartment in a big city is more expensive that renting a big house in a smaller town.
Financial Aid
Funds required during the course of your study will include living expenses (housing, food, and clothing) and course fees along with health insurance. The brochures or catalogs of the respective colleges can provide you with a range of costs that you may incur. It is advisable that you contact the selected school directly for details regarding scholarships and funding. If you wish to apply for financial aid in Australia, there is a long-drawn process of research and applications involved.

Source of Funds
The Australian Government has set aside a certain amount for funding international students that wish to pursue higher education. Every year, more and more students are getting financial aid. You can also seek help from international organizations such as the United Nations, AMIDEAST, World Council of Churches, Soros Foundation and World Health organization. A student loan can also be availed in times of crisis.

Australian Scholarships For Study Abroad Students

The Endeavour Awards
This is applicable for students of the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, run by the Australian Government. It is a competitive honour based on merit, study, research and professional development of the student. These awards give a new light to aspiring candidates, in achieving their dreams.

Australian Leadership Awards
The Australian Leadership Awards are given to postgraduate students who have created a positive impact on their home country's social and economic condition. This sort of funding allows students to focus on a specialized area of research.

Australian Development Scholarships
Such programs aim to motivate students towards human development and economic growth. They provide assistance to people of underdeveloped countries so that they can study fulltime in Australia, in case of undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Australian Government International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
The Government offers support for tuition fee and also living expenses. Students can apply for research program funding too. Note that the Graduate School Scholarship Selection Committee meets four times a year to award these scholarships.

Studying in Australia is not as costly as other countries such as the US, UK and other parts of Europe. This country promises to offer the best services in order to enhance students' personality, career and life. Hope this article has encouraged you to go forward with your goals of pursuing higher education in Australia.