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Know more PhD in Australia, Doctorate Research programs in Australian universities and Doctorate of Philosophy Degree.

PhD Programs In Australia

Universities in Australia are amongst the most successful establishments that attract numerous international students to their high quality degree programs. To earn a Master's Degree or a Ph.D. in Australia means to be a notch above the rest. Learning under the top researchers of the South Pacific enhances a student's portfolio and gaining the reputation of having been a part of a top-class education system. Not only academics, but Australia is also about a new and enriching culture. This country has almost 39 universities that are spread across the country, where each university is unique and known for its quality teaching and friendly environment. The Doctor of Philosophy program is offered in various fields of study and it helps in preparing students for advanced work in research, teaching or administration. Australia offers a wide variety of options to suit every student's requirements. PhDs are available in areas such as Finance, Management, Commerce, Arts and Science. Totally, the program chosen as a fulltime study can last for a period of 3 to 5 years.

Doctorate Research Programs In Australian Universities
  • Agriculture, Non Social Science & Social Science, Animal Production, Food Science & Technology, Natural & Rural Systems Management, Plant Production
  • Arts, Social Science, Education Music
  • Chemical and Biological Sciences
  • Commerce, Economics, Business, Law Management
  • Dentistry
  • Engineering, Architecture, Design, Computer Science, Physics
  • Medicine Clinical
  • Therapies, Pharmacy, Speech Pathology, Health Sciences, Nutrition and Tropical Health
  • Veterinary Science – Clinical and Lab
  • Media and Marketing
An appropriate Bachelor's Degree with a first class honors from a recognized tertiary institution or a Master's Research Degree.

Admission Requirements
  • Brief resume should be provided that contains information such as education, work, publications and other professional activities.
  • Preferably a Master's Degree from a recognized and accredited institution.
  • Sufficient references from persons in the professional and academic community.
  • The Committee on Doctoral Studies may require additional recommendations.
  • Proof of proficiency in the English Language.
  • A fully published or unpublished research, thesis, contributions to the professional or scholarly literature relevant to the area of interest.
Doctorate In Philosophy Degree In Australia
  • Graduates holding a Bachelor's Degree with a first class honors or a Master's Degree and have shown a high standard of academic achievement may be admitted to candidature for a Doctor of Philosophy. The higher degree programs currently available require presentation of a major thesis based on original research, investigation or developmental work.
  • The Faculty of Business and Enterprise has a strong commitment to research in entrepreneurship, management and associated business disciplines. There are currently many PhD theses in progress including study on the commercialization of Australian research, government policy on the development and performance of small manufacturing businesses, factors influencing strategic alliances in high-tech industries and evaluating the value of training investment. There are also a small number of students undertaking Master's programs by research.
  • A Ph.D. in Australia is a major degree that provides training and education with the objective of producing graduates who have the ability to conduct research independently with a high level of originality and quality.
Education in Australia is a combination of fun, learning and work opportunities, which makes it beneficial for international students to pursue their higher studies here.