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Find information on Postgraduate Degree Programs in Ireland.

Master's Degree Programs in Ireland

The universities in Ireland offer a vast range of postgraduate degree programs in areas like engineering, health science, humanities, and social science. Each of the Master's degree programs are carefully designed to meet the academic needs of a student. All the universities are managed by highly educated professors and offer extraordinary facilities including advanced equipments in laboratory, excellent libraries, and outstanding campus facilities. Apart from academic excellence, students are encouraged to take part in cultural activities of the university. In a nutshell, Ireland is one of the leading countries known for its high class educational and research facilities. If you are planning to pursue your Master's abroad, then a Master's program in Ireland can be the best option for you. Apart from being a beautiful country, Ireland is friendly and safe, especially for foreign students. Browse through the rest of this section to know more about the different postgraduate programs available in Ireland.

Post Graduate Degree In Ireland

Engineering, Mathematics And Science

Students who are interested in the field of mathematics, engineering or science can pursue postgraduate degree programs in any of these fields. To pursue a Master's in the field of science or engineering, a student needs to have successfully completed a graduate degree in a related field. Different postgraduate programs that are available include M.Sc. in information systems, M.Sc. in computer science, M.Sc. in botany, M.Sc. in chemistry, M.Sc. in computer science, M.Sc. in computer engineering, M.Sc. in genetics, M.Sc. in environmental science, M.Sc. in physics, M.Sc. in neuroscience, M.Sc. in microbiology, M.Sc. in zoology, M.Sc. in theoretical physics, M.Sc. in molecular medicine, M.Sc. in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, etc.

Health Science
The universities in Ireland offer a high class Master's degree program in the field of health science. Students with a graduate degree in health science, biology, or related fields can take up a Master's degree program in this area. All the university departments are managed by top members of faculty and the courses are carefully designed so that students get exactly what they need. Programs available under health science include a Master's degree in nursing studies, Master's degree in midwife studies, Master's degree in human nutrition and diets, Master's degree in dental hygiene, Master's degree in dental nursing, Master's degree in pharmacy, Master's degree in physiotherapy, Master's degree in occupational therapy, Master's degree in radiation therapy, etc.

Arts, Humanities, And Social Sciences
A wide variety of courses are available in the field of arts, humanities, and social sciences. Students who have earned a bachelor's degree in the related field can pursue a Master's degree in these areas. Universities in Ireland offer excellent Master's degree programs in the fields of acting, ancient history, deaf studies, early Irish, French, geography, history, political science, music, philosophy, education, Russian, social studies, sociology, Spanish, political science and geography, etc.

Business Management
Specialized Master's degree programs are also available in the field of business management. These courses are designed to nurture and groom future world leaders. Popular Master's degree program in the field of business management include economics, law and business, business and computing, business studies, etc.

Admission Details
The postgraduate courses in most of the universities in Ireland are academically challenging and thus the universities have high academic requirements. Most universities demand a minimum percentile in post finishing off a degree from any Irish university or an equivalent result from a university in another country. Most postgraduate courses are available in English so students need to be fluent in the same. Students from other countries, whose native language is not English, are required to take an English language proficiency test as a part of the admission procedure. To get more information on a chosen course, an applicant can contact the relevant course co-coordinator in respective universities.

There is vast selection of subjects available for students and it is crucial to select a course. Students should evaluate each of the courses carefully to make an informed decision.