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This section provides information about the PhD programs available in Ireland.

PhD Programs in Ireland

Since the medieval era, Ireland has been known for its cultural excellence when it was one of the main centers employed to provide education to the western world. The country has still maintained its reputation and today is known for its world class research facilities. Ireland is home to some of the best universities of the world including Dublin City University, University College Dublin, NUI Galway, and Trinity College Dublin. Apart from regular PhD programs, most of these universities also offer visiting programs and exchange programs for international students. These programs give students the opportunity to stay for a year or two in Ireland and pursue their research work using to advantage Irish laboratories, libraries and technical guidance from research faculty. Apart from usual academics, the universities in Ireland offer many learning opportunities outside the lecture hall as well. Students actively take part in voluntary social activities and in the cultural extravaganza of their university. If you are planning to pursue your higher studies in Ireland, then here is some valuable information on the different PhD programs that Ireland has to offer.

Doctorate Degree In Ireland

Engineering And Computing

Most of the universities in Ireland offer Ph.D. programs in engineering and computing. All the schools under the faculty of engineering and computing feature world-class teaching and research facilities. The engineering and computing department comprises different schools including the school of computing, the school of electronic engineering, and the school of mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Some universities incorporate other schools as well.

Science And Health
Excellent research programs are available in the fields of science and health. Some popular PhD programs are available in the school of biotechnology, the school of chemical sciences, the school of health & human performance, the school of mathematical sciences, the school of nursing and the school of physical sciences.

Humanities And Social Sciences
Students who are interested in humanities and social sciences can find a wide range of PhD programs in the school of applied language & intercultural studies, school of communications, school of law & government, and education studies.

PhD Programs In other Subjects

PhD In Metaphysics

Students, who are interested in the field of metaphysics and wish to investigate different aspects of it, can take up advanced PhD programs in Metaphysics. The main modules include existence, truth, God, time events, knowing reality, etc.

PhD In Ancient Philosophy
Students who have completed a Master's degree in philosophy or other humanities subjects can take up a PhD in ancient philosophy. The main modules for this course include virtue, happiness, pleasure, etc.

PhD In Creative Writing
Students, who are serious about taking up writing as their career can pursue a PhD in creative writing. A Master's degree in English or creative writing is a must to do a PhD in creative writing.

Admission Details
To get admission into any PhD program, international students are required to apply directly to their desired university. Students must have completed successfully a School Leaving Examination which is considered to be equivalent to the Irish Leaving Certificate. Students who have completed their secondary education in English are not required to take an English language test. However, other students should take up an English language test and submit a valid score along with their application.

Research Fellowship
Most Ireland universities offer research fellowships to deserving students to encourage and support them and help them progress with their scholarly research. Apart from research fellowships, post-doctoral fellowships are also available for outstanding researchers who can contribute knowledge and publish worthy publications. Such fellowships are available in the field of humanities, international law, sciences, literature, history, etc.

A vast array of PhD programs are offered by different universities in Ireland. Each program has its own requirements and admission criteria. For further information about courses and admission procedures, students can communicate with their desired university.