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In home decoration, paint color combination is of vital importance. Read more about choosing room colors and harmonious colors.

Paint Color Combinations

When it comes to beautiful shades, you may be astonished to discover the exotic variety of home paint colors that crowd the market. Gone are the days when a single color shade was selected to paint the entire house and a bright tone was considered negative and outrageous. The new variations in the field of home decor and the unbelievable color shades hitting the market everyday provide us with a lot of new possibilities. Now, you can not only go along with a bold and striking color choice, but also combine two colors or different shades of the same color to come up with an entirely new color. There are distinct color types from rich contrasting shades to neutral harmonious colors to choose from. All you need to do is to decide on the mood of the room and to strike the right color balance that will complement the theme of your room. There are numerous paint color combinations to choose from and the right choice calls for an ability to comprehend what different color shades convey.
  • If you are looking to keep up with the times you can go for a light and dark color scheme. Going for a light and dark color combination can add excitement and freshness to a room. The benefit of having both a light and dark shade comes from the fact that the boring aspect of a light shade can be compensated by a bright color. You can use complementary color combinations in the drawing room, kitchen and the dining room.
  • A combination of light and dark color shades set the right mood for a living area; while complimentary shades are just apt for party venues. Color combinations such as blue and orange, red and green, purple and gold, light pink and apple green sail smoothly with contrasting fabrics, patterns, wall hangings, paintings and wooden articles in the room. The best way to use two contrasting colors is to use one color as the base and the other color as the base color. Remember, not to use both colors in the same proportion.
  • You can opt for vibrant and striking color combinations like saturated greens, blues or yellows along with a dark industrial tone. This can make any room look sophisticated. There is no harm in giving wings to your wild imaginations and setting up bold surroundings. Bold blue deep navy, coastal breeze complex grey and basalt grey slate, are combinations that can provide you with the desired tones.
  • If you are not in favour of a strikingly bold look, soft floral colors merged with some deeper lively colors can set the right tone for you. Combinations like pale chestnut peach, Nunavut brown, betrothal fuchsia and rice flour lavender grey can help stimulate your senses.
  • If you are looking forward to creating an inspiring and healing ambiance then colors like rich green and yellow botanical hues combined with jewelled tones will serve the purpose. Some other color combinations that can serve the same purpose are virgin olive oil bright yellow, green leaf green and poetic green mint.
  • You can also provide a neutral feeling to your room with the help of an achromatic color combination like black and white. A simple color combination like black and white along with light color accessories can prove to be quite relaxing and soothing. You can also at times include few shades of grey. 
  • Try out color combinations that can be sourced from strong purple tones, dark slates, lilac, brown, lavender etc. These combinations can help create a futuristic yet romantic ambiance.