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Garage Remodeling

We often complain about less space available in the house to store things, to accommodate guests, to host a small function, etc. With this comes the idea of remodeling the entire house or making some expensive or maybe even messy structural changes. However, if you have a garage in your house which is not being used, there will be no need to restructure or remodel your house. One of the easiest ways to add more room to your house is to utilize better the space you already have. Garage remodeling can prove to be an effective way of getting to that extra space you have always been yearning for. The garage can serve as an extended portion for your living room, or as a store room to pile up boxes filled with things not in use, as storage for sports and outdoor equipment, etc. Garage remodeling will help provide more usable space for your home. Mentioned below are few useful tips to guide you through a project of garage remodeling.

Garage Remodeling Idea
  • We usually don't think of the empty garage as a ready space to be used. You can convert your empty garage space into a laundry room. Making a small laundry room in the garage will help save on time and energy spent on climbing stairs if your laundry was in the basement.
  • The garage can also serve the purpose of a store room for your house. You can shift all the clutter and things you don't know what to do with into the garage by installing cabinets. You can install cabinets as and when required, to gain that extra storage space. You can even turn your garage into a pantry in which food can be stored.
  • Your garage can help you keep your interiors clean and hygienic. A lot of germs and infections enter your house along with footwear. To prevent this, you can convert your garage into a space to store footwear. Convert a small space in your garage for storing footwear and encourage everyone to leave shoes and other outdoor gear in the garage.
  • Your garage is a good place to set up a music studio. You might be interested in music and in playing instruments, but a quiet neighbourhood can be demotivating. You can set up your players and instruments in the garage area and can consider soundproofing the area to avoid any complaints.
  • Due to increasing competition and work load, it is but natural for working professionals to carry work home. However, there are many distractions such as T.V, laundry, dishes, etc. that can affect your concentration. Converting your garage into a home office is a perfect solution to the situation. Office space in the garage will provide you with a quiet ambiance to work in.
  • You can also consider converting your garage space into a master or guest room. This will help increase the living space in your home. However, you will have to take into consideration all the local building laws before commencing the project. It is advisable to consult a contractor, since a whole set of modifications will be required to give shape to a living room.
Garage Flooring
  • If you are looking forward to remodeling your garage, do not ignore the floor since it is the first thing you should be working on. Concrete garage floor serves the purpose of a floor and can bare the load of a car. However, if you are converting a garage space, then the flooring needs to be complementary to the purpose it serves.
  • Painting is a must. You will have to select an epoxy paint that will be durable enough, and will not peel off with time. Epoxy products are designed to stick properly to concrete floors and also do not sink into the permeable surface of the floor. Painting the concrete floor with epoxy paint will provide you with a look that is clean.
  • You can also go in for floor mats, instead of paint. Floor mats are usually made of PVC and are available in a number of colours and designs. It is easy to install and requires no professional assistance or tools to be installed.
  • You can even consider a rubber garage flooring to have a soft cushioned surface to walk on. You can install ribbed rubber mats to guide spills. This makes cleaning easier helping you keep the floor clean and neat.