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Gutter Cover

Installing a good gutter cover will get rid of the problem of cleaning gutters and at the same time protect landscaping. Gutter covers can be installed over existing gutters. Gutter covers are suitable for all types of roofing. Using gutter covers will ensure that the rainwater flows smoothly into the gutter and that debris falls onto the ground. Even during heavy downpours rainwater flows off smoothly through the openings of the cover. These covers have a system by which ice and snow can slide off the gutter in winter. There are a number of gutter guards that are designed for the very purpose of preventing the accumulation of twigs, leaves and other such material in the gutter, thereby ensuring smooth flow of rainwater. Gutter guards can be bought depending upon the shape of the gutter and the slope of the roof. Mentioned below is information on different types of gutter guards that will help you get to a clean and peaceful rainy season.

Gutter Brush
Gutter brush or bottle brush is one of the most common of all gutter covers which are easy to install and most inexpensive. As the name suggests, the gutter cover looks like upright bristle brushes that are inserted inside the gutter to prevent debris from clogging the drain.

These gutter guards are made out of porous polyurethane substance and fit perfectly to the gutter. They block all material except liquid from flowing into the gutter and it also reduces the development of mildew, fungus and moulds in the gutter.

Screen Or Mesh
These types of gutter guards are used on roof tops. The mesh or screen is usually made out of steel and is attached to an aluminium frame. Screens or mesh prevents almost all kinds of debris, small or big from getting into the gutter. This kind of guard is ideal for households, especially for people who collect and use rainwater.

Nylon guards are designed to slip easily into the gutter without any attachment on the roofing shingles. Nylon gutter guards are designed specifically to stop the accumulation of snow and ice in the gutter. This is an ideal gutter guard for the winter season.

Reverse Curve
Reverse curve gutter guards come with strong covers and side slots. They are designed in such a way that they not only prevent leaves from entering the gutter, but also prevent any other form of debris from entering the gutter. The reverse curve guard follows the roof's slope and hence allow unobstructed flow of water.

Non-Gutter Cover
A non-gutter cover or louvered gutter guard looks similar to a window blind. This particular guard replaces the gutter with aluminium louvers that direct water flow away from the roof. This is an ideal guard for people who wish not to have visible downspouts and gutters around their homes.

Solid Covers
Solid covers are solid pieces of plastic or aluminium material covering the gutter. At the edge of the gutter system there will be a small side slot that directs the water into the gutter. This is an attractive gutter protection which slows down the flow of water that clings to the piece and slowly falls into the gutter, leaving behind dust and debris.