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Home Exterior Siding

Are you planning to purchase a new house? Apart from deciding on the furniture, the bathroom fixtures, the paint to be chosen you should also think about the exteriors of the house and the strength it bears. Irrespective of if you are a first time house buyer or a veteran in the exercise; you will need to choose the right quality siding for the exteriors. You will have to consider the looks as well as the weather conditions while picking up a siding. The type of siding you choose will depend upon the area you look in and it should define the character and design of your house. Not only does a quality siding protects your walls from harsh weather conditions and make it waterproof, it also increases the resale value of your house. You will have to be extra careful when picking up a siding for your exteriors. Mentioned below are details on different types of home exterior siding, glance through it and make your choice after considering your requirements.

Brick Exteriors
The best option for exterior siding is to have brick exteriors since they come with the promise of long life. They are made out of fired clay; hence they don't catch fire and not prone to dry rot. If the original structure of your building does not comprise bricks, you can add bricks by installing a brick face. It is not expensive to maintain since all it requires is a change of mortar, occasionally.

Stucco Siding
Stucco is cement combined with water and inert materials like sand and lime. You can make use of good synthetic stucco which is durable. You can even tint the stucco in a colour you like and once tinted there is no need to paint it.

Vinyl Siding
Made out of PVC or polyvinyl chloride, vinyl siding comes in a number of colours. Vinyl expands and contracts in hot and cold weather conditions and can slide smoothly. It is an inexpensive but durable siding option which will help you cut down on painting cost, since you really don't need to paint vinyl.

Aluminium Siding
Aluminium siding looks similar to vinyl siding. You will never be able to tell between the two unless you touch to feel the difference. Aluminium siding can expand and contract. However, unlike vinyl siding, aluminium siding can get dented and fade easily.

Wood Siding
You can choose from a variety of wood sidings which are available in varieties such as shake, clapboard, singles or lap. Wood sidings need to be installed over a moisture barrier. You can even use primer on the back and sides of the wood to prevent water seepage. Wood sidings can definitely look beautiful but requires a lot of maintenance.

Log Siding
If you wish to change the looks of your home exterior and give a rough look then log sidings are the way to go. Log sidings come in quarter and half logs with smooth finishes or knotted finishes. Log sidings can also come in steel and vinyl options, but can look just like wood.

Glass Block Exteriors
Glass block sidings need to be installed by fixing panel anchors to the jambs, expansion strips around the opening and panel reinforcing wire stabilizer at every third or fourth row. Twenty pounds per square foot is the maximum recommended size for a glass block.

Signs Your Siding Requires Replacement:
  • You will have to change the siding if you wish to scrape and paint the exterior walls.
  • You may surely need a replacement if your old siding is chipping down or rotting.
  • You might even want to repair, repaint or change the siding if it starts fading.
  • You can consider replacing the current siding with some other siding, if the current one is proving heavy on your pocket.
  • Due to harsh weather conditions a siding can fall and water might 'find a place for itself' behind the siding, compelling you to replace or repair it.