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There are different types of floorings that you can choose for your home. Read more about different flooring styles, hardwood flooring and softwood flooring.

Flooring Types

There is an exotic variety of floorings that you can choose from to decorate your house. Some are easy to install, totally hassle free while others might require tedious procedures to be followed. Choosing the right flooring for your house is quite essential since flooring can make a dramatic difference in the way your interiors look. Good flooring not only enhances the beauty of house interiors but also increases the resale value of your house. Your house is the reflection of your lifestyle, your taste and preferences. You give importance to all the other aspects of your house, furniture, walls, doors and ceilings count, why not give equal importance to the flooring of your house. You will have to select the right flooring for each room. You will have to ensure that the flooring goes along with the furniture, paint and the purpose that each room serves. Some of the different flooring types are hardwood flooring, softwood flooring, custom flooring, engineered and laminated flooring. If you want uniqueness you can go in for custom-made flooring options, which can be shaped according to your choice. Here's presenting information on popular flooring options. Select the one that best suits your requirements!

Hardwood Flooring
Harwood flooring has two subtypes viz. unfinished and prefinished flooring. Unfinished flooring will help you choose your own colours and will also provide you with an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Prefinished flooring on the other hand is easier to install than unfinished flooring. It comes with a long warranty period. There is no scope for any changes in prefinished flooring since the entire finishing is already done.

Softwood Flooring
Softwood flooring is perfect for meeting seasonal and environmental changes. Laminated flooring is ideal for houses with kids and pets. The lamination can help serve as a protective layer for floor material and is also easy to clean and maintain.

Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo flooring is one of the newest introductions in the flooring industry. Bamboo flooring is more environmentally friendly than hardwood flooring. It is durable, will look elegant and comes in a variety of designs.

Laminate Flooring
Laminated floors are gaining popularity in all kinds of households. These floors are cheaper than hardwood and bamboo flooring options and are pretty easy to maintain. Laminated flooring is also resistant to burns, scratches and chipping.

Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic tiles are waterproof and hence are perfect to be used for indoor flooring purposes. The high gloss finish of ceramic is best when used for counter tops, though it tends to pick up scratches easily. Ceramic tiles are available in different types of finishes like matte, embossed, glazed and textured ones.

Marble Floors
Marble can provide you with a rich and clean finish. Marbles come in different sizes and are also easy to install. Marble tiles come in many colours. Pick up your tiles in colours complementing other decor items and grace your house with a welcoming look.

Wood Flooring
Wood flooring can make your house look extremely classy, but is difficult to maintain since with time wood flooring, there always are the chances of ruin. You need to take extra care of your wood flooring, keep water away and use wax to clean it. Work areas, stair landings and the entrances of rooms are areas that require frequent cleaning with wax.

Slate Flooring
Slate flooring is durable, slip-resistant, needs low maintenance and is made up of stain free material. Slate flooring was earlier popular for office spaces, but today is used in homes as well. Slate flooring is available in a number of shapes and colours. You can even create your own combination using different patterns. Slate flooring is best suited for kitchens, bathrooms, driveways and pool walls.

Rubber Flooring
Rubber flooring is a popular flooring option for schools, recreation rooms, exercise rooms, playrooms and children's rooms. Rubber flooring requires very little maintenance; a routine wash and occasional sweeping is all it takes to keep rubber flooring clean. With rubber flooring, you really are spoilt for choice; there always are a number of colours, designs and patterns to choose from.