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Exterior House Paints

There are different types of paint colours and paint finishes to choose from when it comes to painting your house exteriors. No doubt, modern paint colours provide you with a variety of finishes that makes your house exteriors look decorative and appealing. However, exterior paint colours are not just about improving the way your house looks, rather it is a protective covering that help keep the underlying surface from being exposed to harmful elements. Outdoor painting and outdoor paints are definitely different from interior painting and painting equipments. When it comes to outdoor painting and choosing a particular paint, you need to consider a whole lot of things. You will have to consider the type of surfaces you are dealing with, the type of finish you desire for a particular surface and the durability that a particular paint type has to offer. Glance through the write up below to get tips on exterior house paint types and choose the one that best suits your requirements and decor.
  • There are basically two major categories of house exterior paints to choose from viz. oil paint and latex paint. Latex paints are water based paints that offer a variety of benefits. Latex paints dry faster than oil paints, they are also more resistant to mildew and fading. However, latex paints have their share of disadvantages as well. Latex paints are susceptible to weather changes which can cause it to break or peel off.
  • Oil based paints are also ideal for a house exterior. Oil based paints shrink less when they dry and are also more durable. Oil based paints don't get affected by weather changes in the way latex paints do. However, one problem with oil based paints is that the colours tend to fade faster and it is also comparatively difficult to clean since you will have to use solvents to cleanup.
  • Exterior paints with chalking qualities can also prove to be a good choice for your house. The surface of such paints oxidize slowly over time that indirectly helps keep the surface clean due to rainfall. However, this type of paint is not suitable for dry regions, since there will be no rain to wash off the chalk on a regular basis.
  • Another option in your hands when it comes to the exteriors of your house is acrylic finish paints. Acrylic finish paints are similar to latex paints because they dry faster than the latex paints. Acrylic paints are also more expensive than latex paints.
  • Another option for exterior paints is to use alkyd finish paints which can be applied to any surface apart from metals and masonry that have not been primed. Alkyd finish paints need to be thinned with mineral spirits or turpentine before applying. This type of paint takes comparatively longer time to dry than latex or acrylic paints. Alkyd finish paints are suitable for chalking surfaces and can be applied with the help of a brush, roller or a spray gun.
  • Primers are used basically to provide a protective coating to fresh wood and metal. A coat of primer on window panes and other wood or metal accessories in the exteriors is essential to protect them against decaying.
  • Stains are used for original wood siding and trim, and can be thinned using a solvent or water. They produce a transparent, solid finish to wood sidings and trim. Stains provide an antique finish to your wood accessories and also protect them from the harshness of weather.
  • Velvet finish paints are not too shiny and are perfect to cover up defects. Velvet finish paints are also known as satin paints. These paints are washable and hence stain or dirt can be easily wiped away from a surface. Velvet finish paints are ideal for bodies like stucco, masonry, brick walls, wood siding and aluminium and vinyl siding.
  • Another option in your hand when it comes to exterior paint colours is eggshell or pearl paint. This paint provides an eggshell finish to the surface with more shine and resistance to cleaning. Eggshell paints are ideally used for coating stucco, masonry, brick walls, wood siding, etc. It can also be effectively used for painting accents, trim and doors, windows, fascia, etc.
  • Gloss paints are also quite famous when it comes to painting house exteriors. Gloss paints help in highlighting details and are also easy to clean. Gloss paints are ideally used for accents, trim and other accessories like doors, windows, fascia and eaves, shutters and metal gates.