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Read on for information on college admission procedures in Germany, eligibility criteria for admission and the guidelines for foreign students in Germany institutes.

College Admission Procedures In Germany

Germany is one of the most sought after destinations for aspiring students. Having one of the oldest educational systems in the world, German degrees are held with high regard and they are recognized among several academic centers and employers. Most universities give students an option of choosing from a wide range of majors and modules. In this country, higher education can be completed in 5 years in comparison to 7 years elsewhere. With the European Union's 'Bologna Process', German universities have introduced Bachelors and Masters Programs which provide individuals with a brighter opportunity in the job market. All colleges and universities in Germany have an international students' help desk that assists them with any information.

Eligibility Criteria For Admissions In Germany Universities
  • The eligibility criteria to get into universities in Germany vary depending upon the nature and type of course the student is seeking admission. Typically, if candidates intend to apply for an undergraduate degree, they require a school leaving certificate or a secondary education qualification equivalent to that of Germany. It will be evaluated by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal State.
  • In case of a conditional offer, students have to complete a one-year bridge program and pass an assessment test. An exemption can be obtained from these tests if the person has completed two successful academic years in the home country.
  • Proving skills in the German Language are mandatory. Students can check at the home university's international office or with the international office of the chosen German university.
  • When applying for a postgraduate course, the students needs to have done a course of 4 years bachelor's degree, sometimes even 3 years is accepted. For any Ph.D. discipline, having a master's degree and English speaking skills (based on ToEFL scores) are necessary.
  • The entrance requirements are granted in Germany on the basis of previous years' academic record. However, management courses may require GMAT and engineering, a GRE score.
Guidelines For Foreign Students For Admission In Germany Institutes

Application Procedures
Students can directly submit their forms to universities; applications are available in international offices or from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). There is an organization called 'Assist' that helps foreign students settle into the environment. Along with the application, certain required documents such as authenticated copies of original certificates and proficiency in German Language must be furnished on request from the university.

In Germany, the winter semester usually starts in october and the summer semester in April. All details must be provided before the deadline/re-opening of the university. Admission is done by the 'The Foreign Students office'. All students who require a visa to study must enclose the offer from the university, along with the application form.

Application Requirements
  • A certified copy of the high school education certificate.
  • Translation into the German Language (with the help of an official translator).
  • A passport-size photograph (4x5 cm).
  • Bio-data with exact details about education (exams written, schools studied etc)
  • Proof of proficiency in German Language.
  • A certified copy of assessment test taken.
  • Copy of passport.
  • International reply coupons.
once these documents are provided to the university, the university will evaluate it and send an admission letter along with a list of details to be submitted to the German Embassy.

Scholarships and Grants
Several organizations in Germany offer financial support to first year students and doctoral candidates. They take your social commitment and personality into consideration while providing scholarships and grants. There is scholarship programs specifically intended for foreign graduate and under graduate students.

The academic freedom and the quality of education which is received in Germany allure international students, across the globe. This country has some of the world's oldest educational systems and is known to have a considerably inexpensive lifestyle too!