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This article talks about internship programs in Germany. Read on to learn about international internships and student work abroad options in the country.

Internship Programs In Germany

Internship programs in Germany provide an excellent opportunity to attain a high standard of international work experience and also to enhance yourself in the German Language and culture. Most internship programs are salaried jobs. If not, there are scholarships available to qualified students. An application usually precedes the enrollment into the university. Interns get a chance to work in prestigious institutions with respect to their field of interest. Germany has one of the oldest educational systems in Europe and students here get plenty of opportunities in the form of seminars and projects. For language training programs, stipends are available for qualified candidates. Internships are typically 3 to 12 months long, although some of them might excess this duration. German universities and academic centers offer ample programs to attract international students. Read on to learn more about internship training courses and work abroad options.

International Internships In Germany

There are many organizations that specialize in providing internship programs in Germany. Some of them are as listed below:

CDS: CDS recruits and places applicants based on their field of interest, in small-family owned businesses to medium sized companies and multinational corporations. Internships are available in varied fields of business, engineering, finance, tourism, IT, media/communications, non-profit sector, international relations, German studies and economics. The highlights of this program are:
  • Assistance during the application process.
  • Health insurance.
  • Work authorization services.
  • Support all through the program in Germany.
  • Cultural orientation seminar, after arrival.
CDS accepts the applications sent six weeks prior to the program start date. The eligibility criteria are:
  • 18-30 years of age.
  • Basic knowledge of German.
  • Two years of post-secondary education in German or its equivalent.
  • Two years of university studies, a university degree and substantial work experience in business, arts or any technical field.
  • Practical experience in the target internship is preferable.
CIEE: CIEE offers architecture, history, theory and practice programs in Berlin and intends to increase the knowledge of interns in a German architectural tradition. In collaboration with Universitat der Kunste Berlin, CIEE students are given a chance to study history and architectural theory by getting a hands-on experience. The internship of the academic program is provided in:
  • Architecture
  • City and regional planning
  • German
  • History,
  • Social policy
  • Social work
  • Studio arts
  • Sustainable development
  • Urban and regional planning
The eligibility for this internship is experience in any one of the above mentioned fields.

Intrax-Summer Internships In Berlin: The Intrax internship enables university students and recent graduates to attain a professional work experience in Berlin while living abroad. They offer disciplines such as:
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Research analysis
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Public relations
  • Media production
  • Web content management
  • Tax advisory services
The programs include housing, personalized career counseling and an internship that matches your career goals, weekend excursions and visa assistance. The internship is for two months and the cost is $6250.

EPA Internships: An EPA internship gives you the chance to explore new ways of thinking and understand different cultures including political, international and economic issues in Berlin and Borne in Germany. They offer internships in:
  • Museum and Arts Administration
  • Health and Social sciences
  • Medical research
  • Law firms
  • Business
  • Education
  • Theatre
  • IT and computer programming
  • Banking and finance
  • Politics
  • Music management
  • Nature conservation
  • Radio Journalism
  • Politics
Students have the opportunity of working in banks, financial institutions, Federal Agency for Environmental Protection, radio stations, advertising and public relations agencies, German schools, IT organisations, psychiatric and social institutions and museums. Those who want to intern in politics get a chance to work in the Federal Parliament of Germany conducting research, doing translations, attending plenary sessions, committee and parliamentary meetings and dealing with press and correspondence.

The eligibility criteria are: The students must either be a junior or a senior before the commencement of the program. It must have relevant approval from the respective home department of their country. once the application form is sent, an acceptance letter will be sent within three weeks.

Internship programs in Germany offer students a chance to experience the vibrant Germany and be a part of the historical, political and social developments.