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Read for information on student visa details for Germany, visa tips for international students going for study programs and visa requirements for students going for education in Germany.

Student Visa Details For Germany

If you are a student who wishes to take up studies in Germany then you require a visa to enter and reside in this country. As per the immigration laws, visas are essential for all applicants, except from those from the European countries and states with which Germany has entered into an agreement with. A tourist visa does not permit a student to enter the country for academic purposes; a permanent student visa is essential. The body which is responsible for providing visas to foreigners is the German Embassy or the Consulate General of your country. You must remember that a visa application will be accepted only if you have been admitted into a German university. Another type of student applicant visa enables you to enter the country and get adequate information about the course and college before enrollment. In order to apply for either, you need a valid passport. Read on to learn more about student visa details in Germany.

Visa Tips For International Students Going For Study Programs In Germany
  • Submit your visa application form along with all the necessary documents atleast 8 weeks prior to your trip.
  • There are two types of visas: Student applicant visa is if you do not possess an admission certificate or a confirmation of application from the university and a student visa is required if you possess an admission certificate or an unconditional offer from the educational institution.
  • There is another visa if you are a participant of a German Language course. While staying in Germany for this, you are not allowed to take up any sort of employment. If you wish to study in Germany after completion of this program then it needs to be mentioned in the application. In such cases, you will be issued a student applicant visa or a student visa.
Visa Requirements For Students Going For Education In Germany
For student applicant visas, you require:
  • A valid passport and two passport size photographs.
  • Authenticated copy of a school leaving certificate.
  • Evidence of previous studies.
  • Proof of your proficiency in German Language or an intensive language course of twenty hours a week in Germany.
  • Proof of adequate funds to finance the period of study.
For student visas, you require:
  • School leaving certificate.
  • Proof of accommodation details and registry with a German higher education centre.
For language participation courses, you require:
  • A valid passport and 2 passport size photographs.
  • Proof of registration of the course.
  • Proof of health insurance and coverage during your stay in Germany.
  • Evidence of finances.
In order to finance your study, you can adopt various processes such as:
  • Finance yourself.
  • Nominate one or more persons who will assume all the costs.
  • Furnish proof to show that sufficient funds for each month are available.
If a person in your home country decides to finance you then proof of his declaration or willingness to cover all costs in a specific time period (minimum monthly income of $4000 by means of tax receipts, bank statements, employment certificates, pay slips, commercial register excerpts) must be furnished.

If the funds are provided by a sponsor in Germany then a written declaration proving that he will cover all costs must be submitted.

In case you have earned a scholarship then you must include the letter of its confirmation.

Germany is filled with innumerable and prestigious institutions. There are some students who wish to stay in Germany and learn the language while others like to pursue some sort of academics here. Hope these student visa details has helped you!