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If you are an international student interested to pursue higher education in Italy, read through the following article to gain a better insight.

College Admission Procedure in Italy

Every country has its own unique education system. Italy has three groups which are divided according to grade and level in the academic graph. The 1st cycle is the undergraduate program. The 2nd cycle is the postgraduate level of the student's education and the 3rd cycle is when the student reaches a doctoral level. Depending upon this, the admission procedures vary. The only constant requirement for entry into the higher educational institutes is the proficiency in the Italian language. Therefore, every foreign student aspiring to continue their studies in Italy has to appear for an Italian test. Individual institutions organise this test. The Italian proficiency test is usually held in the first week of September every year. Read through the next section to gain further information on the same.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission In Italy Universities

Admission In 1st Cycle Degree Program
  • To study the undergraduate level in Italy, students will need to hold a School Leaving Qualification which is conferred upon the completion of twelve years of schooling.
  • To gain admission into the various educational institutions in Italy, students will have to clear the entrance examinations conducted by the respective universities. Any aspirant has to clear all these standard exams in order to gauge whether they are competent enough for a seat in any course.
Admission In 2nd Cycle Degree Program
  • Firstly, interested students must hold an undergraduate level qualification, after which they can gain admission into the post-graduation of colleges or universities in Italy.
  • The course that students opted for in their undergraduate level must be in correlation to study the course that they desire at the postgraduate level. This is required because it helps the student in being well-versed with their fundamentals in order to pursue higher education.
  • Similar to the undergraduate level of education, a student may need to pass another entrance examination of the particular university/college before getting admission for this degree.
Admission In 3rd Cycle Degree Program
  • Needless to say, students must have a postgraduate level qualification to pursue a doctorate level.
  • The university chosen will evaluate the student's foreign degree and then take a decision whether or not the aspirant is eligible. The verdict is given based on whether or not the student meets the general requirements or not. Specific courses have a separate quota of prerequisites.
Admission To Single Courses
  • Apart from the regular beaten track programs and courses, there are a few other courses which can be pursued in Italy. These are courses which have a shorter duration. Along with experiencing the Italian life, there are also degrees for individual subject courses (known as single courses).
  • Admission procedure for non-European students who are pursuing a full time course in Italy and wish to take a single course is fairly simple. Enrol into the chosen program directly by submitting the necessary academic records or any other essential documents needed by the particular institution.
  • For non-European students who belong to other parts of the world and desire to study in Italy, there is a need to submit pre-applications to the competent Italian embassies or consulates. This task usually occurs at the end of August every year. The diplomatic authorities forward these applications and any attached documents to the Italian institutions concerned. Thus, by the end of September the student is notified.
  • A competency in the Italian language is of utmost importance. Another essential point to remember is that the credits earned for the 'single courses' are not in any way transferred to the other degrees/higher education courses that you may have opted for in Italy