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Internships program in Italy could be an interesting start to your career! With added knowledge, newer friends and a bag full of memory, an internship in Italy can be quite memorable.

Internship Programs in Italy

What's a better way than to spend a couple of months in Italy? Italy is known as the land of culture, fashion, art, architecture and culinary delights. Historical monuments and a picturesque countryside border this boot shaped country. This is the kind of place which brings out the romantic side in most people! Now, whether you want to study art or religion, applying to a university in Italy will come with a rich experience. Studying art by observing the Sistine Chapel, studying history by visiting Pompeii or studying religion by learning about the Vatican; Italy is the best place in the world for international students! A tourist does not get the true feel of the place when they are visiting Italy on vacation. on the other hand, taking up a course in this amazing country will give you the right feel about the place, people and culture! Read on below to learn about some internship programs in Italy.

International Internships In Italy

Capa International Education Florence Program

This internship program is located in the city of Florence and it is conducted during the fall, spring or summer semester. Students live in shared apartments and participate in the program which allows them to live and learn from the locals.

Semester Internships In Florence
The Syracuse University, located in Florence, conducts this internship program. Top researchers and scholars in the fields find a connection between history, politics and creativity. It comprises of one to three semester hours and includes subjects such as cultural and regional studies, international relations, Italian language and social sciences.

Study Abroad Italy (SAI) Florence University of The Arts (FUA): Internship Program
Florence University of the Arts (FUA) presents a modern and comprehensive approach to education and art. An international faculty teaches the interns and enriches their social, intercultural and professional experience. FUA joins pioneering syllabuses and uses collaborative teaching techniques to create a distinctive internship abroad.

Georgetown University, Villa Le Balze Programs Villa Le Balze Study Tours
Georgetown University offers three study tours centred at its exquisite Villa Le Balze in Fiesole, a place located on the outskirts of Florence. These tours are taught in English by distinguished Georgetown professors where they focus on the art, history, literature and the culinary delights of Florence.

The College At Brockport (SUNY) Italy Internships
This internship program could be for durations of 3, 4, 5 or 6 months. It consists of intensive Italian language training in eight different levels, starting from elementary and going up to the advanced levels. Interns will not only have the opportunity to connect with other Italians, but they can also participate in optional excursions and outings to historical and cultural sites in Florence and the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

Best Programs Italy
This internship program is offered in the city of Torino, Italy. The Study Intern Program was envisaged for people who are passionate about the European culture and wish to improve their Spanish, French or Italian, while making social and professional contacts for the future in Italy, Spain or Belgium.

Spannocchia Foundation: Italy
The program is located in the city of Siena, Italy. If you are interested in applying then you would be happy to know that there are three sessions each year. Guest services interns participate in educational and cultural activities alongside eight Spannocchia interns (who work on the organic farm there). There are Italian instructions conducted twice weekly and educational presentations on the aspects of organic farming.

Hope the above information has satisfied your curiosity with regard to internship program courses offered in Italy. Find out about your aptitude and join the internship course which best suits your dreams and aspirations!