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If you are reading this article then you already have plans of studying in Italy. Apart from a Schengen visa, there are other requirements that you have to cater to. Read on for more information.

Student Visa Details For Italy

Every foreign student who intends to study in Italy must obtain an Italian student visa before considering their study plans and aspirations. To ascertain that the visa is issued before time, consider applying for it well in advance, three months prior to the commencement of your chosen program. Some important information for you to remember is that the visa is not going to be issued the same day that you submit the necessary documents! It is undoubtedly a pretty long drawn process and sometimes the procedure can even take up to 60 days. In order to apply for a visa, you need an acceptance letter from the Italian institute, an enrolment letter, course schedule and other essential papers. It is mandatory that the student applying for a student visa requires the following documents. Read the section below to understand better.

Procedures And Requirements To Get Student Visa For Italy

Italy Student Visa Checklist

A student visa is issued only for the duration of the course which you have selected. Some of the other requirements are:
  • Two recent passport size photographs (on a white background).
  • one application form suitably completed and signed at the Consulate.
  • A valid passport and a copy of the passport page containing the owner's personal data as well as the fact that there is an extension of validity.
  • Letter of acceptance from a school or university in Italy where you wish to pursue higher education. This letter must indicate the place or the city, duration of the entire course and dates of attendance.
  • A manuscript addressed to the Italian Consulate explaining that you have means to support yourself financially. This makes the task much simpler. If you don't have any financial support, then look out for some scholarship grants and financial aid.
  • In case of the above, you are expected to submit a statement from the source of financial support or your sponsor. Another letter from the bank is required indicating your account number, financial status and bank balance. This must attested by a bank official.
  • other important documents include a clean chit from the police at your hometown, which signifies any involvement in criminal activities. A health insurance or a doctor's certificate is needed. Lastly, round trip flight tickets.
  • The average time required for a visa to be issued is 2 days, although this can even go even up to 12 days. Mostly the time taken to issue a visa depends upon the nationality.
  • Fees for the processing of a visa application are 60 Euros for a Schengen Visa (Group Visas: includes Types A, B and C). A national visa which enables you to stay for long term stays (i.e. a type D Visa) costs you 75 Euros.
  • You need to remember to make photocopies of the entire application process. This includes every single form that you fill and submit. At any point, if you need to send these documents by post then make sure they are notarized.
  • once you are given the student visa, it shall be attached to your passport by the Italian Consulate.
Hope all goes well, without any delays!