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Are you keen on studying in the country of New Zealand? Browse through this article for information on what it may take when looking to study in New Zealand.

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a scenic island nation blessed with exotic natural beauty. The country has now become a popular academic destination. New Zealand, which is renowned for the hospitality of its people, welcomes international students whole heartedly. However, the immigration laws of the country permit international students to pursue only those courses which are approved by NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority). NZQA ensures that the education provided at New Zealand is valued both nationally and internationally. New Zealand offers quality education through its prestigious institutes that facilitatea stimulating academic environment for students. The country has a great cultural, social and political atmosphere. The campuses cater to the recreational and cultural needs of its students. Institutes across the country offer a wide variety of courses ranging from vocational courses to arts and research studies. The strong national quality assurance system is capable of assuring the quality of education provided. Those courses which are not approved by the national quality assurance system will not be considered a recognized course. The New Zealand government is keen on providing all facilities to both its national and international students. Read on to know more about studying in the country of New Zealand!

Education Programs In New Zealand

Educational System In New Zealand
Education in New Zealand is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary education. Primary and secondary education is compulsory. Tertiary education implies higher education. Graduation requires 3 years and a year extra will help you acquire aHonors degree. A Bachelor's degree can be followed by a Master's degree. Those students with either a Master's degree or an Honor's degree are eligible to proceed to a doctoratedegree. All courses in New Zealand by law should be approved by a national quality assurance system. The academic year starts in late February and ends in october.

Admission For International Students
Students from any country can apply for tertiary education in New Zealand after completing their home country qualification which is recognized in New Zealand or after taking up foundation studies at a New Zealand University. Students should take up either the IELTS and score a minimum of 6.0 or take up ToEF and score at least 79 to 80. There are several pathways to apply to when looking to study in New Zealand - entrance level for those who are beginning their university studies, credit level for those students who have already completed their tertiary studies and post graduate level for those who already have a bachelor's degree. Students can apply online ortake a print out of the application and mail it to the concerned university.

Education at New Zealand is affordable and the course fee will depend upon the course selected. Course fees can range from NZ$10,000 to NZ $24,000, or even more. You can also avail scholarships through government, private sources or from educational institutions. These scholarships will help you to find funds to support your studies. Details about these scholarships can be collected from the concerned web sites. Applications that are illegible will be discarded. You may be asked to provide references as well while applying for a scholarship.

New Zealand falls in the category of the least expensive developed countries. Approximate average annual living expenses will come up to around NZ $ 10,000 to $12,000. This amount includes daily expenses and accommodation expenses. Accommodation options include hostels, dormitories and halls of residence with single and double room facilities. These are cheaper and cost only about NZ $500 to $600 per month, including food. Home stay facilities are alsoavailable and these cost about NZ $ 500 to $600 per month. Independent flats/apartments are also popular as accommodation options. You can rent a flat along with a friend; this will only help cut down on expenses.

Essential Documentation
Essential legal documents include a valid passport, a visa and travel as well as health insurance policy documents. Details of the required documents are usually mailed along with the offer letter. If not, it will be available on the concerned websites.

Studying in New Zealand can prove to be a wonderful experience. You can enjoy quality education and a great life in this island nation which takes special care of their student community.