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PhD in New Zealand is an exciting opportunity for aspiring students. Know more about Doctorate research programs and Doctorate in Philosophy in New Zealand.

PhD Programs In New Zealand

New Zealand's education system resembles the education structure of Australia. Most universities and higher institutes are supervised by the Government, where students are assured of the finest education at all levels. The main Doctorate degree offered by New Zealand universities is the Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy. This particular award is a postgraduate academic degree given by specific universities. A Ph.D. can be studied fulltime or part time on the basis of requirements. New Zealand is reputed to give to its students, both academics and extra curricular activities. one of the biggest benefits is the immigration opportunities that students receive after completion of the program. Education in New Zealand is characterized as modern, practical and world-class. They have the presence of top class institutions such as the University of Auckland, Massey University and University of otago.

Doctorate Research Programs In New Zealand Universities

Admission Procedure
Applications outlining your area of research interest and a short proposal must be made via the Registry. This also includes a complete academic record and a copy of your current CV. The post-graduate committee will then review your file and a decision will be communicated to you within 60 days. You can enroll for a Ph.D. degree at any time during the year. University scholarships are available for outstanding candidates. Some funding may be available for tutoring/research assistantships. A limited number of departmental financial aids are also available, sometimes covering annual tuition fees.

Documents Needed
The following documents are needed while submitting your application:
  • An expression of research interests.
  • A 2000-word sample of your academic writing in English.
  • Two completed academic referees, in the form of confidential report forms.
  • Copies of your academic transcript/s and degree certificates.
  • Copies of your diploma supplement (applicants from EU countries only).
  • Proof of identity and citizenship.
International students must provide:
  • Evidence of English Language proficiency.
  • Translations of official documents (certified by an accredited translator).
Tuition fees for full-time Ph.D. study vary by faculty. Scholarships will often cover the cost of tuition. other fees depend on the institution and course that you opt for.

Qualifications Needed
  • A Ph.D. candidate must have a recent and relevant Masters or Honors degree e.g., Master of Commerce or Bachelor of Science with a first or upper second class.
  • Also, aspirants must have adequate training and the ability to pursue the proposed course.
  • A thorough knowledge of both written and spoken English is required of all candidates.
Doctorate Research Programs In New Zealand Universities

Engineering And Computing
Universities in New Zealand offer Ph.D. programs in Engineering and Computing. All schools under this faculty feature efficient teaching and research facilities. The engineering and computing department comprises of different schools including the School of Computing, School of Electronic Engineering and School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Science And Health
Excellent research programs are available in the fields of Science and Health. Some popular Ph.D. programs are available in the School of Biotechnology, School of Chemical Sciences, School of Health & Human Performance, School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Nursing and School of Physical Sciences.

Humanities And Social Sciences
Students who are interested in Humanities and Social Sciences can find a wide range of Ph.D. programs in the School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies, School of Communications, School of Law & Government and Education Studies.

Computer science
If you are well versed with the C language and C++ programming then a Ph.D. in Computer Science is advisable and convenient.

The Ph.D. is the highest degree awarded by any university in New Zealand, for research work carried out under academic supervision. Ph.D. candidature involves a commitment from students, supervisors and the university over a period of years.