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Top Universities In New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country located 1500km, east of Australia. Strongly resembling the education system of the UK, New Zealand has one of the world's best universities. The colleges here are sought after by many international students every year. Recently, the rate of students aspiring to study in New Zealand has grown rapidly. It is now recognized as a world-class provider of international courses for students, impressive campuses and a progressive education system. Universities in New Zealand are self-managing and they have provisions for internal and external monitoring for reviewing their programs. The academic year in New Zealand begins in late February or early March and ends in November. Most universities in this country operate by means of a semester system. Given below is a list and a brief introduction of the top universities in New Zealand offering the best programs in MBA, Medical, Engineering, Arts & Design, Films & Media and other programs.

Best Ranking Universities In New Zealand

University of Auckland
University of Auckland was founded in 1883 and is considered one of New Zealand's leading universities. This establishment has an unconditional commitment towards quality teaching and research. At this university, one can easily find a balance between study and fun activities, owing to large study spaces and common rooms for the students. The infrastructure of this campus is known worldwide.

University of otago, Dunedin
Dunedin is quintessentially, a university city. The otago University was established in 1869 and is the oldest university in New Zealand. The campus is located just north of the central city. It comes as no surprise that this institution is reputed in terms of research. The university enrolls over 20,000 students every year to the departments of Commerce, Health sciences, Sciences and Humanities. Excellence in teaching, research and an outstanding support staff contribute in making the University of otagoa a great place to study and work.

Massey University, Palmerston North
Massey University got its recognition from institution called Massey Agricultural College. In 1927, it was renamed after William Ferguson Massey, the former Prime Minister, by an amendment to the Agricultural College Act. This university was established in 1964 and is now internationally acknowledged for its excellence in teaching and research. The college is spread across other locations such as Albany, Wellington and Manawatu. The main objectives of the Massey University is research and scholarship, teaching and learning, connections, responsibility, generating income and enabling excellence, which makes it a better place for foreign students to study.

University of Waikato, Hamilton
Founded in 1964, The University of Waikato is based in the beautiful river city of Hamilton. It is one of New Zealand's most modern and innovative universities which provide modern lecture rooms and laboratories, a library of over 1,000,000 volumes of books and an extensive computer network with over 800 terminals. The University of Waikato is known for earning a triple accreditation or certification amongst the 48 universities in the world.

University of Canterbury, Christchurch
The University of Canterbury is located in one of the major cities of New Zealand. It is the largest centre of higher education in Kent, especially for teacher training, nursing, policing, health and social care. This university is known for its unique facility of airport pickups! If you want to study in a safe and friendly environment with a vibrant atmosphere and strong community spirit then the University of Canterbury is the right choice for you.

other Important Universities of New Zealand
  • Victoria university of Wellington, Wellington
  • AUT University, Auckland
  • Lincoln University, Christchurch
New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty, scenic landscapes and green environment. Some of the most reputed institutions which are in New Zealand are located in capital cities. This makes it a completely reliable island to pursue your choice of study.