The Ghost of Christmas Present serves as the ideal symbol for generosity, celebration and goodwill. Read on for more information about the role and appearance of this Christmas spirit.

Ghost Of Christmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas Present is the second spirit that visits Ebenezer Scrooge in the popular Christmas Novel written by Charles Dickens, 'A Christmas Carol'. Scrooge was just visited by the first of the three Christmas spirits, the Ghost of Christmas Past and was exhausted after the meeting. Scrooge awakes, just in time for a visit by the next of the three spirits, the Ghost of Christmas Present, who exudes a high amount of energy and the joys of reveling in Christmas. Though hesitant at first, Scrooge eventually agrees to open up to the spirit and is slowly tackled with a change of heart. Like his predecessor, the Ghost of Christmas Present shows Ebenezer Scrooge many scenes of Christmas involving food, festivities and the overall delights of the festival. The ghost is portrayed as a happy-go-lucky spirit and mirrors the character of Santa Claus. After trying to persuade Scrooge to change ways and to indulge in the festivities of 'now', the spirit cautions Scrooge against ignorance and greed. He then disappears only to be visited by the third and the last spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Continue reading to know more about the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Role And Appearance

The Ghost of Christmas Present takes Ebenezer Scrooge on an enchanting journey, getting Scrooge to partake in the joys of the festival. At first, the Ghost of Christmas Present convinces Scrooge to participate in the Christmas Games as if he were really there. Then, the spirit takes him to a pleasant market, where they spectacle the activities of people, making purchases for Christmas and being jolly in general.

Following the market scene, the ghost takes Scrooge to the house of Bob Cratchit-Scrooge's clerk-who is seen sharing a roast goose with his large, destitute family. Scrooge is taken aback by how Bob and his family are still enjoying the festivities even though the clerk was not being paid enough by Scrooge. This particular scene had a special impact on Scrooge's soul and he underwent a personal transformation seeing the clerk's son, Tiny Tim, a sickly little boy with a crippled body, reveling in the joys of the festival and not asking for too much in life.

In the final scene, the ghost transports Scrooge to a Christmas party hosted by Scrooge's nephew, Fred, for which Scrooge was invited. The Ghost of Christmas Present exhibited that everyone indulged in merrymaking during the festive season while Scrooge was too busy worrying about his miserly wants and himself. What Charles Dickens has tried to portray here is the pure-hearted, contagious aura of the festival that drew all sorts of people together, except the tightfisted Scrooge.

The scene closes with the Ghost of Christmas Present counseling Ebenezer Scrooge to part with his frugal ways and warns him of a perilous life in the future. The spirit reduces to a pile of ashes and as the clock strikes twelve, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come enters the scene.

Charles Dickens describes the Ghost of Christmas Present as a jolly spirit with dark, brown curls. His attire is a fur-lined green robe with a holly wreath, placed on his head and glistening with icicles. Appearing on a throne of lavish food, the spirit carries a colossal torch that resembles a cornucopia. The Ghost of Christmas Present proclaimed that he possessed the ability to alter the shape of his body and could fit into any large or constricted space according to his own free will. He is also depicted carrying a scabbard, though it carries no sword. This is symbolic of the peace that this character duly stands for.

There have been countless films, soap operas and dramas portraying the character of the Ghost of Christmas Present, inspired by the original spirit in the Charles Dickens classic, 'A Christmas Carol'. A Disney version called 'Mickey's Christmas Carol' is by far, one of the most popular Christmas movies for children and features the Ghost of Christmas Present. In the 1988 comedy feature, 'Scrooged', the spirit is depicted as a fairy, played by Carol Kane. '

The Muppet Christmas Carol' is a popular Christmas film that released in 1992 and greatly resembled the descriptions of the ghosts in the Charles Dickens version. A more recent portrayal of the spirit can be seen in the 2010 episode of a television series called 'The Young and the Restless'. Here, the Ghost of Christmas Present is portrayed as a woman wearing a hooded cloak.

The Ghost of Christmas Present stands for an authentic life, lived to the fullest and truly enjoyed with friends and family. The ghost not only gives an insight into the importance of love and celebration in people's lives but also teaches and evokes the feelings of prosperity and merriment during the festive season.