Olive, the other reindeer, is a story about a Jack Russell Terrier pooch and her attempts to save Christmas. Read on to know more about the story of Santa's famous, Christmas dog.

Olive, the Other Reindeer

'Olive, the Other Reindeer' is an animated feature produced by Matt Groening. This lively feature appeared on the Fox channel and was based on a story from a 1997 children's classic, written by J. Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh. In this movie, the voice of Olive is given by Drew Barrymore. 'Olive, the other reindeer' is an adorable and humorous story about a Jack Russell Terrier called Olive, who is unlike any other dog. When Olive learns that there will not be any Christmas celebrations that year, she heads to the 'North Pole' with a penguin named 'Martini', to help Santa Claus restore the Christmas festivities. She offers herself as a replacement, when she learns that 'Blitzen', one of Santa's prized reindeers, is injured. The animated feature also contains a few musical numbers that make the movie a lot more interesting. Definitely a must watch this Christmas. Read on to know more about the story of Santa's Christmas dog, Olive, and her heroic attempts to save Christmas.

Story Of Santa's Christmas Dog
'Olive, the Other Reindeer' is a wonderful family feature film, about a lively and smart female dog called Olive and her efforts to save Christmas. Olive is not portrayed as the bone-loving, jumpy, earth-digging dog. She is portrayed a tad different from the others of her kind. After Olive finishes her daily errands, she returns to her house only to notice, 'Tim', her owner, removing all the Christmas decorations; he then sadly reveals that there will not be any Christmas that year.

Olive soon discovers that the reason why Christmas is cancelled around the world is that 'Blitzen', one of Santa's reindeers, is injured and unable to fly. Olive is convinced that she can save Christmas and hence, sets out on a tumultuous journey to the North Pole where she hopes to meet Santa Claus in person. She is accompanied by 'Martini', a con artist penguin. Before they begin their journey, Olive learns of an evil mailman trying to foil her plan to save Christmas. The mailman is shown as a scrawny figure who hates Santa Claus for putting him on the 'naughty' list consistently. The mailman captures Olive and announces to the people that Olive is wanted for many accounts of mail fraud. Martini saves Olive from the evil mailman and together, they board a bus to the Arctic junction.

While the two are on the bus, they talk to two Eskimos and the driver. Even though the Eskimos seem to be certain that Olive might be wrong for the job of saving Christmas, they wish her, and the penguin, good luck. Soon, the mailman races to the bus with his mail truck and attempts to capture Olive and Martini. Martini flings a paper airplane at the mailman, successfully knocking him off track.

Olive and Martini reach the Arctic Junction and enter a restaurant to order some food before the next bus arrives. The waitress, who serves them their food, is actually the mailman in disguise. The fake waitress lures Olive outside by saying that Santa wants to give her a flying test but as soon as Olive steps outside she gets thrown inside the mailman's truck. However, Olive miraculously escapes yet again. When Olive reaches the junction with Martini, they enter a bar named 'Top of the world'. Once inside, the two of them are badgered by 'Round John Virgin' and Blitzen's flightless cousin, called 'Schnitzel', who later apologize for their behavior. Round John Virgin offers to give Olive and Martini a ride to North Pole in his vehicle called 'The Polar Express'.

Finally, Olive and Martini reach the North Pole, but Olive does not get permission to see Santa. Disappointed and desperate to get Olive to meet Santa Claus, Martini appeases the guard with a beautiful watch. In the meantime, Olive looks for Santa and meets Blitzen who, apart from being injured, has lost his will to go out for Christmas as he received mean letters from some children. Blitzen is told that the mean letters were in fact, sent by the evil mailman. Meanwhile, the mailman arrives at the North Pole, and slyly switches the toys bag with a bag of junk mails. He kidnaps Martini, but Olive, the wonder dog, retrieves the lost presents and also, miraculously, saves her friend Martini. Olive finally meets Santa Claus, and offers to take the place of 'Blitzen' temporarily, so that the celebrations of Christmas can prevail around the world. Olive, successfully, manages to pull the sleigh with the remaining reindeers and Santa delivers the gifts around the world. Pleased with Olive's efforts and good deeds, Mrs. Claus presents Olives a pair of antlers, giving her the title of 'Olive, the Other Reindeer'.

Back home, Olive is reunited with her owner, Tim while Martini is given the post of the new mailman with the former being imprisoned in a zoo. The movie ends on a positive note, with the whole world celebrating Christmas with carousing and joy.

'Olive, the other reindeer' is an adorable feature about how a dog decides to save 'Christmas' by putting her own life at risk and replacing Santa's injured reindeer temporarily. This is a profound story about the titular character Olive and the challenges she faces to help Santa Claus in order to restore the festivities. A must watch this season with children, family and friends!