'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' is a character in the famous Christmas novel 'A Christmas Carol' written by Charles Dickens. Here is all you want to know about the 'Christmas Ghost of Future'.

Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come

The 'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come', also known as The 'Ghost of Christmas Future', is one of the Characters in the popular nineteenth century Christmas novel, 'A Christmas Carol'. The novel was written by one of the most prolific British writers, Charles Dickens. In the novel, the ghostly spirit makes its appearance to urge Ebenezer Scrooge, the protagonist, to mend his miserly ways and embrace a more benevolent and jubilant demeanor. Following the visits of Jacob Marley and other two ghostly spirits namely 'Ghost of Christmas Past' and 'Ghost of Christmas Present', the 'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' appears before the miser, Scrooge and takes him on a journey to his future. The gigantic faceless specter which unlike other ghosts doesn't speak shows what may come to pass if Scrooge refuses to mend his stingy ways. Following the visit of the Ghost of Christmas Present Scrooge undergoes a complete transformation and becomes a generous, charitable and cheerful person. To know more about the Ghost of 'Christmas Yet to Come', go through the following lines.

Christmas Ghosts Of Future

The 'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' a dark phantom like creature is the most haunting of all the spirits who come to visit Scrooge that night. 'The Ghost of Christmas Future' emerges like a dark shadow from the wall and approaches Scrooge slowly. Clad in a black hooded robe, the only part of his body which is visible to Scrooge is a long stretched hand with which he points towards the things which he wants Scrooge to witness during his ride to the future. As the spirit doesn't utter a single word during his visit unlike the preceding visitors, scrooge can only assumes his intents through his gestures.

Role In 'A Christmas Carol'
Most terrifying of all the ghostly sprits in the 19th century Christmas novel, 'A Christmas Carol', the 'Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come' takes Scrooge on a ride to his future. On his journey Scrooge first of all witnesses the mourning of Bob Cratchit and his family upon the death of Tiny Tim. Due to his meagerly pay, Bob Cratchit fails to offer adequate food the requisite medical aid to Tiny Tim due to which he passes away. On this ride scrooge is also shown how upon his death people are rejoicing and speaking ill of him with no remorse. After his death, Fred inherits Scrooge's property and the maid Dilber steals all his belongings even the clothes in which he was buried and sells them to Old Joe. Few who gathered to attend Scrooge's funeral are there only for a free lunch. Soon Scrooge realizes that if he doesn't change his mingy demeanor he will have to experience a ghastly afterlife just like his Business partner Jacob Marley. Following the visit of the three Christmas Ghosts and Jacob Marley who came to warn Scrooge against want and ignorance, he becomes a charitable, amicable and jubilant personality.

Portrayal In Films
The 'Christmas Carol is a popular novel' and has been adapted to many films and TV serials and games over the years. However, the depiction of 'Christmas Ghost of Yet To Come' tends to differ in different adaptations. As for example, in the film 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' released in 1992 the 'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' is portrayed as a large figure wearing a tattered black hood. In Mickey's Christmas Carol, the 'Ghost of Christmas Future' is shown smoking a cigar and blowing fog all over Scrooge Mc. Duck.

On the other hand, in 'A Diva's Christmas Carol' the ghost is portrayed as a television set which telecasts a future episode of Behind the Music, about Ebony Scrooge.

The above written lines provide a brief account of how the 'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' who visits Scrooge following the visit of three other spirits convinces him to change his miserly and despicable demeanor and become gay and magnanimous.