This Father's Day rekindle the old memories by presenting a photo frame to your father with a picture capturing some sweet moments of his life. Follow this simple craft activity and make photo frame yourself.

Photo Frame

Father's Day is a sweet occasion that gives you an opportunity to express your love and care for your dear father. Celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year, Father's Day is marked with much pomp and galore by all children. With an occasion that honors fatherhood, no child would want to give it a miss to pay a tribute to their dad. With this, everyone seeks different ways to convey their gratitude. While some buy flowers and greeting cards for their dad, others add a lovely gift with them to enhance the beauty of the occasion. On the other hand, some children opt for showing their creative skills by making gifts at home. Talking about homemade gifts, they are indeed the most special and cherished way to letting your father know how much you admire him. For you, we listed two different methods for making a photo frame, which you can use to capture your and your Father's snaps together.

Option 1

Materials Required
  • 2 CD cases
  • Glazed Paper
  • Glue
  • 2 Photos
  • Cut 2 piece of construction paper into squares that will fit into the CD case. Cut a square out of the center of each square. Paste a photo in each hole.
  • Apply some glue in each corner of the squares, on the sides that the picture is facing out. Open the CD cases and stick the squares on the inside of each CD case cover. Close the CD cases. Glue the top edges of the CD cases together.
  • Decorate the photo frame with stickers, ribbon, glitter etc.
Option 2

Materials Required
  • Construction Paper (in any color of your choice)
  • Take a square piece of construction paper. Alternatively, you can also use origami paper or any kind of pretty paper.
  • Fold the opposite corners together and press them to create the lines.
  • Open up the paper and fold the other corners together.
  • Open the paper and you will have four lines merging from the corners into the center.
  • Now, bring a corner into the center and fold firmly.
  • Repeat with the other three corners.
  • Flip the square over and fold the corners again in the center.
  • Flip the square over. You should be having four square flaps.
  • Pick up a flap and fold it to back to the corner.
  • Do the same with the other three flaps.
  • This will give you a frame like structure.
  • Tuck the triangles, so folded to the corner, inside through the center. Else, you can also fold them backwards to make a thin white band surrounding the picture.
  • Your frame is ready.
  • Cut out a picture a little smaller than the outer size of the frame, so that it slips into the frame and rests in easily.
  • Slightly open up one of the back flips and rest the photo frame on it.