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Candle Decoration

Mere scented candles may not be liked by everyone. When it is the festive season, you always will be looking for something special, something that is far from the ordinary. Placing votive or tea light candles in paper bags weighed down by sand is the traditional way of making decorative lights for the holiday season. These lighted candle paper bag decorations are placed along driveways and rooftops, but you can always place them almost anywhere you want to. These lights are easy to make. You can also enlist the help of children to make these candle decorations, they, in fact, they will be more than willing to help you out. Here are a few tips on how to make these candle decorations.
  • Buy lunch-size paper bags in holiday colors or use preprinted theme bags made for goodies.
  • Pour in two inches of sand into the paper bags.
  • Place tea light or votive candles in these paper bags and light them.
  • You can stamp or stencil different designs onto these paper bags, according to the moods of the holiday season. For example you can stencil stars for the 'Fourth of July' or stamp shamrocks for 'St. Patrick's Day' or stencil stars for 'Christmas'.
  • Make a computer print-out of the clip art in black ink on a plain paper. Cut out the paper. The cut out should fit the brown paper bag. You can then go ahead and glue it inside the bag. When you light the candle, the black lines of the design will show up outside the bag. Use designs that are completely black, as they will show up better once the candle is lit.
  • You can perforate the outline of a design on the paper bag and the light will shine through these pinpricks. Place the paper bag with its bottom flap unfolded on a few newspapers and use a thumbtack and make equidistant pinpricks on the design. Ensure that you prick both sides of the paper bag.
  • You can use a craft knife and cut out designs on the paper bags and the light will shine through these designs. Cut out small designs on the paper bag or the wind might get into the paper bag through these holes and put out the candle, you don't want this to be happening.
  • You can use a cookie cutter for larger patterns. Use two paper bags of different colors, one serving as the liner. This will help provide the paper bags with layers.
  • Place a small glass jar with a few petals or small flowers with a candle at its center. This will create a very pretty look, not to mention romantic. It can also help calm and soothe you.  
  • You can even bead the candles. Use blue beads on white candles. This is by far the most pleasant combination. It will help you relax in an instant.
  • While burning candles, follow the manufacturer's instructions on safe and proper use.
Use these tips to get an idea on how to go about making decorative candles for Christmas and other such holidays.