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Decorating Holiday Table

While making holiday decorations, an interesting idea is to have a table decoration, which reflects the holiday spirit. Decorating tables are known as tabletop arrangements or as Tablescapes. Tablescapes are arrangement of a group of things on the top of a table. You can use anything to create a tabletop arrangement. A holiday table decoration may or may not include a centerpiece. It can just be an arrangement of a number of things that represent the holiday season. It can be made on any table, not just the dinner table. It can be a coffee table or side table or even a mantel. Tablescape is actually the way things are placed or arranged like the way a garden is landscaped. Here are few suggestions on how to create a holiday tablescape or holiday table decoration.
  • Place a pillar candle in holiday colors on the table.
  • Place a seasonal floral arrangement around the candle.
  • Place a stack of books based on the holiday theme on the table.
  • At the base of the candle place some ornaments or greens that represent the holiday season.
  • If you do have a regular tablescape then change it completely to suit the holiday season. For example for Christmas make a table decoration with the colors and symbols of Christmas.
  • Remember that any tabletop can be decorated with a few holiday items.
Given below is a quick method to make a tablescape using only 1/3 of the table and just tastefully arranging a few items.
  • Use a lamp or candles or you can use both.
  • Use a photo frame, books or collectible items.
  • Use natural things like flowers, fruits in a bowl, a potted plant.
  • Use a table cover, runner, ribbon, a napkin or tapestry.
  • Add one or a few holiday items.
Arrange them in the following way:
  • Arrange the items at different heights.
  • Use books under the various items to vary their height.
  • It is best to use the light source as your tallest item and make the other items smaller in size.
  • Use only 1/3 of the table as the rest of the table can be still used to place your drinks or set dishes like before.
  • Use only part of the table, so that the table can still be used like before.
  • You could make this entire arrangement on a tray so that it can be moved from the table when you need to use.
Decorating a table is a simple way to decorate your home and you can use it everyday and not during the holiday season.