Study Abroad
The opportunity to study in the UK can be dream come true for many. This article is penned for the benefit of those who wish to study in the UK.

Study in UK

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience - a real life experience in a new world that exposes you to a new culture and traditions. It can teach you a lot more than a text book can. The United Kingdom is one of the most renowned academic destinations in the world. It has a diverse student community which is enriched by the diverse culture brought in by students from all over the world. The academic programs and facilities are assessed by educational bodies at a regular basis to maintain the standard of education. The UK plays host to many big prestigious institutes and universities and the programs offered at these institutes are recognized worldwide. Life in the UK is so vibrant and active and also gives you a chance to experience rich traditions and culture. Most of the educational establishments in UK are affiliated to the 'National Union of Students' and this provides the students with an opportunity to meet other students with similar interests. Many universities organize value add plans like 'exchange programs' by forming tie-ups with universities in Canada, USA, Australia, etc. Read on!

Education Programs In UK

Education System In UK
The education system in the UK is divided into 4 categories - primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. Primary and secondary education is all about schools. Further education caters to the completion of A-level, which is mandatory to gain a seat in higher education centers. Higher education is the most sought-after sector that attracts students from all over the world. The country has as many as 100 universities that offer a range of programs that are open to international students also. Graduate courses have extend to three years generally. However, 'sandwich courses' are gaining popularity too. These courses go on for around four years and one year during the course is spent at a workplace.

Admission For International Students
The higher studies courses in the UK are open to international students, but with certain terms and conditions. Students who wish to study in the UK should mandatorily take ToEFL (for students from countries whose native language is not English) test and IELTS. Along with this, the candidate should satisfy the selection criteria of the desired university/institution. The admission requirements may be different for different universities and the details can usually be found easily at respective websites.

Educational expenses in the UK vary according to the course selected. Expenses can range from 6,000 - 17,000 or more depending upon the selected program. Course fees are usually fixed amounts and will be mentioned on the concerned websites. Many universities grant scholarships for outstanding students with strong academic backgrounds. This will help to reduce the expenses greatly. International students are allowed to take up part time work to meet their long term financial requirements. In addition to this there are student loan facilities for international students. This will help to meet the financial requirements of a student.

Accommodation in the UK is quite expensive. In fact, accommodation expenses make for quite a large part of your total expenses. Areas like London, oxford, Cambridge, etc. are some of the priciest areas in the UK, London being most expensive with an average of 85 per week! The best way to reduce expenses over accommodation is by sharing a place together. Students usually hire a flat and share the rent between them. Thus, you can reduce your expenses while enjoying life with your friends. Another option is to stay as a paying guest. The rent may or may not include meal fares. of course, colleges and universities provide accommodations too. You can consider the accommodation option that works best for you.

Essential Documentation
Students should have a valid passport and it should not expire during the duration of the course. International students should also have a valid visa. other documents will include papers to prove that you have accepted a full-time course unconditionally and documents to prove that you have enough money to pay the required fees. Usually, the university/institution will provide you with a list of documents needed.

The United Kingdom is a wonderful academic destination blessed with a scenic country side and vibrant cities. A certificate from any of the prestigious institutions in this country can help you go places.