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Learn more about internship programs in the United Kingdom, international internships and student work abroad options in Britain.

Internship Programs In UK

Most often, university students look for employment opportunities in leading companies, making it increasingly difficult to find a decent job. The solution which will provide you with opportunities and give you excellent work experience is doing an internship. Internship programs solely depend upon nature of the work and the learning skills that you possess. In the United Kingdom, this short program varies with different universities. Typically, in an internship, a student gains knowledge about a professional working environment, development of abilities and career prospects, acquiring academic credit and also, becoming reputed in the firm. Moreover, a reliable track record and a good first impression on your seniors will lead into getting permanently placed as an employee. Read the following to know more about the highlights, disciplines and the information on documents required for doing internships in UK.

International Internships In United Kingdom

  • United Kingdom, apart from providing several regular courses, also offers internship programs for aspirants.
  • During the course of this program, students learn to sustain and perform with excellence in the organization that they are placed. These budding individuals will not only learn about a particular field, but also about different departments. Hence, this helps an intern to achieve enhanced skills, qualities and a complete knowledge of business and management.
  • Internships have a main objective of giving students work exposure and making them mentally prepared for future careers. It also helps them know more about the social and cultural environment of United Kingdom.
Documents Required
  • Internship program application form, submitted online or manually.
  • Valid passport or travel documents required for entry into the UK.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) with important information such as academic qualifications, work experience if any, address, contact number, etc.
  • Cover Letter with references.
  • original documents of academic qualifications.
Selection Process
  • Candidates must have command over the English language.
  • Flexible and career oriented students with the ability to handle work pressure in any given environment.
  • Candidates must have the skills to meet the ideals of the organization.
United Kingdom offers a variety of courses from which the interested student can choose from. Mentioned below, are the list of various disciplines:
  • Accounting
  • Advertising & Copywriting
  • Business Development
  • Investment Banking
  • CRM/Sales
  • Construction
  • Event Management
  • Engineering
  • Hotel Catering
  • Human Resources
  • IT Web Design
  • IT Web Development
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Project Management
  • Property Management in London
  • Public Relations
Various Internship Programs

University of Brighton Internship Programme:
This internship is intended for every graduate student from any university or institution in the United Kingdom. It offers programs in various sectors including environment, advanced manufacturing, engineering, construction, financial services and so on. Besides this, it may also cover aspects of marketing, research and the supply chain.

Syracuse University:
This university offers internships in law, business, political science and social services etc. The Syracuse University deals with placement of deserving candidates too.

Boston University:
In this university, the program includes professional internships with assignments that examine a specific academic segment in relation to history, culture and the society of Great Britain and also, its role in modern Europe.

Thus, United Kingdom offers various internship programs for the students that help them in the growth and development of their professional careers.