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Learn more about a Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in UK and Doctorate research programs in British Universities.

Phd In UK

A Doctorate in Philosophy is one of the highest academic degrees. If you plan on pursuing one, then the United Kingdom is one of the best places! Typically, a student in any British university takes a minimum of three years to complete a Doctorate Degree. It is important that before enrolling for such a program, you must be focused on a specific area of research. A research proposal must be drafted and attached to the application form, during the time of submission. Along with this, a bibliography with accurate details of academic consistency must be drawn out. In the UK, some universities require an M. Phil, a two-year program. After this, depending on performance factors, you can be transferred to a Ph.D. For a Doctorate program, it is important that there must be an original contribution of the candidate in a specific field of research. For example, if any student is carrying out studies in science or engineering then it is essential to design a project. Some Doctorate degrees are suited for the purpose of a professional career such as Ph.D. in Education called Business and Management.

Doctorate Research Programs In British Universities

Documents Required
  • A Ph.D. Proposal
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic qualification transcripts
  • Proof of English Language proficiency
  • Bank statements to prove that you can meet the total expenses
  • Two letters of reference
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Work experience, if any
Financial Aid
Funding offered by Government based research councils or the European Social Fund to Ph.D. students are in the form of tax-free scholarships. This comprises of tuition fee with a stipend of 13,000 pounds per annum until the completion of the program. Students who are pursuing scientific research get a higher pay. For funding their own studies, students may work as research assistants or deliver lectures in the university. UK Research Councils offer financial aid to the citizens of the UK and for those who have been living there for the past three years or more.

Universities offering Ph.D.
United Kingdom has a few universities that are known to be the best in the world for Doctorate degree and PhDs.
  • University of Cambridge: This is one of the leading universities which have degree in a wide range of subjects such as chemical engineering, developmental biology, etc. The main objective of the Ph.D. program is to analyze the quality of the research project and produce efficient results.
  • University of Oxford: It was the first English speaking university in the world and claims to possess world-class learning, instructing and research centers. The University of Oxford offers Ph.D. programs in areas such as Humanities, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences, Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine.
  • University of Edinburgh: It is amongst the top universities in the world and provides Doctorate programs in Sociology, Film, Accounting, Economics and Management, Architecture, etc.
  • University of Glasgow: This was established in 1451 and is the 4th oldest university in Scotland. It offers a wide range of research opportunities for undertaking in-depth studies in a particular area. Research can be done in Arts, Archaeology, Biomedicine, Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, Cancer Sciences, Electrocardiology, etc.
  • University College, London: UCL is a public research university which proposes research in Arts and Humanities, Biomedical Sciences, Life Sciences, Laws, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Social and Historical Sciences, etc.
Students come to the United Kingdom in large numbers for pursuing various study programs. Among these, Ph.D. is one of the most popular. So, if you are thinking of a Doctorate in Philosophy then you can consider different university programs.