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Read about information on college admission procedures in USA, eligibility criteria for admissions in American universities and guidelines for foreign students for admission into American Institutes.

College Admission Procedures In USA

Being home to many prestigious institutions in the world, United States of America is one of the most sought after academic destinations. Statistically, it receives the highest number of student migrants every year. With the vast resources, world-class facilities and a number of highly qualified faculties, USA offers courses in almost all fields of higher education. The institutes here are very particular about the quality of the education provided to their student community. 42 institutions from this country have found its place in the Top 100 Universities of the World. Before enrolling, you can check with university ranking guides such as 'U.S. News and World Report' and 'The Washington Monthly's College Rankings'. The universities and higher education centers in USA are blessed with a vibrant campus life with students from all over the world. Thus, getting educated here can expose you to world-class education as well as a different culture. Read on to learn more!

Eligibility Criteria For Admissions In American Study Program

  • Educational institutes in USA are choosy about selecting their prospective students. You need to be highly competitive to get enrolled into American institutes. Almost all of them look for students with good grades, adequate financial support (either through scholarships or other merit based financial aid) and a good command over the English Language. You need to complete a 10 + 2 (higher secondary) education to apply for an undergraduate course in the USA.
  • Graduation is the minimum requirement to apply for post-graduate courses. Those who have done their Master's degree can proceed for a Doctorate degree afterward.
  • Proving English Language skills by appearing for standardized tests such as IELTS, ToEFL, etc. are important. Some universities may conduct separate entrances to select their desired candidates. It is also compulsory to complete examinations such as the SAT, GRE or GMAT to fulfill the eligibility criteria.
  • You have to produce an exceptional statement of purpose (personal essay) to make a good impression for yourself amongst the Board of the university.
Application Process
  • Admission procedures usually begin in autumn. If you are looking for a graduate course, begin your application procedure in the last year of school. It may take 18 months to prepare for admission in USA.
  • First, it is required to pass the standardized entrance test and the English Language test, without which you cannot apply for higher studies in USA.
  • Next, you need to individually apply to each university. You can do this through air mail, email or directly download the application form from the university website. There are no restrictions on the number of colleges you can send your application to.
  • There is an alternative system of admission which comprises of:
  • Early Decision Program: This facilitates the application a few months early, usually from the 1st to 15th of November. If selected, you must commit to joining only this university.
  • Rolling Admission: This program allows you to apply to an institute anytime between fall and spring.
  • Early Action Program: This is similar to the Early Decision Program but here, it is not mandatory that you should join the institute if selected.
Special Admission
There is a special type of admission called the 'need-blind admission', where the student's ability to pay is not considered for the process of admission. It is mandatory that all students who apply for financial aid must fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Colleges and universities may ask you to fill up an additional form if you are provided with any support. International students need to submit a document termed 'Statements of Finances'. This is required by the Government of USA before enrollment.

Application Requirements
  • Academic records.
  • Test scores (for entrance tests and English Language courses).
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Recommendation letters (especially for Master's and Doctorate degrees).
  • Work experience certificates (for Master's degree courses).
  • Financial statements to prove that you have enough funds to support your education and living.
Acceptance Letter
After considering your academic records, test scores and other relevant documents, the university will inform you whether you are selected or rejected. A letter of acceptance will be sent to you in case of the former. You need to carry this document during the time of admission.

This article aimed to provide you with some general information on the admission procedures in USA.