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Know more about internship programs in USA, international internships and student work abroad options in the United States of America.

Internship Programs In USA

Being one of the largest economies in the world, the United States of America is one of the most sought after destinations for internship programs. Internship programs are a wonderful opportunity to experience the working and living culture of any country; hence, attracting a large number of international students. Being an intern in America exposes you to the American business culture, its practices and methodologies. As part of this program, you can work in an American company and take up challenging roles and responsibilities. An internship will, undoubtedly, give you the opportunity to develop your skills and professionalism. It also adds as an extra qualification for future jobs. There are many organizations in USA that deal with internship programs, in almost all disciplines. To get a clearer picture about the study abroad programs, read further.

International Internships In United States of America

The United States of America has internship opportunities for students from all over the world. There are a few pointers to keep in mind while applying for this:
  • You need to have a J-1 visa if you wish to enroll in an internship program in USA, regardless of its duration and payment.
  • You must have good and proven English Language skills before admission.
  • You have to be able to support your living expenses as long as you remain in the United States. For this, a financial guarantee from the bank is required.
  • Internships in USA are considered as an opportunity for students and young professionals to gain exposure and experience and hence, there are strict guidelines regarding these training programs.
  • As an intern, you are permitted to engage only in skilled activities that require theoretical knowledge. Unskilled occupations such as receptionists, clerical jobs, cashiers, bartenders etc. are not acceptable.
J-I Visa and DS-2019 Form
  • DS-2019 or 'Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status' is the basic document required for administration of the exchange visitor program or the internship program. It is essential to attend the interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to obtain this visa.
  • The DS-2019 form contains details about visitors, sponsors, information regarding date of commencement and also the last date of the program. You can get this from your sponsor organization. If there is a PCT USA (an administrative process), it may require a final verification by the US State Department or an additional certification by your employer. on an average, it may take 3-5 weeks to obtain the DS-2019 document.
  • once you get this from your sponsor, you can apply for a J-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country. In case you have a travelling spouse or a dependent, then you need to apply for a visitor or J-2 visa.
  • As the internships and exchange visitor programs are designed to foster global understanding through educational and cultural exchanges, all exchange visitors must return to their home country at the end of the duration.
  • However, the J-1 visa allows you to arrive 30 days before the start date mentioned in your DS-2019. It also allows you to stay back up to 30 days after the end date. In case the program which you are a part of gets terminated, information will be passed to the SEVIS and you will have to leave USA immediately.
  • Another point to remember is that you will not be able to stay for the additional 30 days if you have not completed the program successfully. This is applicable if you opt to withdraw from the program voluntarily as well.
How To Find out Suitable Internship Programs
  • Through universities: Many colleges provide an on-campus internship program that helps students find out about training placements in certain organizations.
  • Through consultants: There are many companies that can assist you in your search for internship opportunities in USA. The eligibility criteria such as qualification, nationality etc. may vary according to the service provider. For example, Intrax is an organization that is accredited by ACCET and offers placement services in countries like U.K., France, Germany, Japan, China, Spain and Chile. CIEE is another leading internship company that operates in the USA and provides internship and professional career training.
International Internships In United States of America
USA provides you with endless opportunities for internship in a number of areas such as:
  • Fashion
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Sports
  • Magazine
  • Accounting
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Psychology
  • Engineering
Hope this article has helped you find answers regarding internship opportunities in USA.