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Know more about application essays for American Universities, SoP writing skills and sample essays for admission in the USA.

Essay & SoP Procedures

Being home to prestigious institutions, USA is one of the most popular hotspots for students to pursue their studies. While applying for educational courses in USA, you should consider the fact that almost all American universities receive countless number of applications from aspirants all over the world. For this reason, selecting the most competent students has become a challenging job for university authorities. Many American institutes demand admission essays and a statement of purpose from students. It is where they get a chance to present themselves in front of the admission officials. Academic transcripts, admission essays and a statement of purpose give an impression about a student's attitude, personality and passion for the course that they are applying for. These documents play a role in the selection process and hence, must be drafted with care.

Statement of Purpose Sample Essays
  • Your admission essay should be written in relation to the topic and its contents segregated into paragraphs. opening your essay with a question or quote makes a good impression.
  • The first paragraph is vital as it makes a first impression. A self-introduction and a briefing about the factors that made you passionate about a particular subject and your educational background is of prime importance here.
  • The body should be divided into paragraphs (ideally three). The contents in this section should substantiate the statements given in the introduction.
  • Each paragraph must have an appropriate transition and begin with a sentence that point towards the theme. The last sentence must provide a logical transition into the next part.
  • In the body, you can include actual life experiences and important achievements but make sure that it does not contradict your previous statements.
  • The last paragraph should be a conclusion that sums up the whole essay. You can stress on how passionate you are about the subject and why you want to be a part of this program.
  • Write in first person.
  • It is better to create an outline first rather than detailing the contents. Ensure that you maintain a logical order.
  • Edit your essay before submitting it by checking for grammatical errors.
  • Do not use pale opening sentences and unnecessary experiences during the course of the essay.
  • Instead of listing down your achievements (as in a resume), explain it in sequential order.
  • Don't go overboard with humour or use big words in your sentences. This is not a place to show your vocabulary off!
American Universities Application Essays
  • In this document, you can speak about yourself, philosophy/motto that you live by, strengths and personal interests, in the introduction itself. You may also mention your source of motivation and the factors that have influenced you to take up a certain program.
  • Be honest and straightforward. The rule is to try and be specific rather than generic. Remember that all your statements must be neatly organized and error- free.
  • During the course of your essay, you can discuss career objectives, goals and passions. Make a clear note of what you are mentioning because future interviews may refer to this.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of the essay as it plays a vital role in the selection process.
  • overloading on humour and facts can get a little boring. The contents of the essay should logically present your interest in the subject and your capability to perform.
  • Try not to list each and every achievement instead take up the ones which are more relevant to your purpose and present it in an appealing manner.
Admission essays and a statement of purpose are important tools during application into universities in the USA. Make sure that yours is appealing and competitive.