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Know more about study expenses, living costs for international students, American scholarships for study abroad students and financial aid in the United States (USA).

Study Expenses And Financial Aid In USA

Beyond any doubt, United States of America is one of the most sought after educational destinations of the world. As a student emigrant to this country, you must also consider the cost of living here. If you originate from a developing nation then the tuition and living expenses in America are on the higher side. It is probably this factor that restricts international students from choosing their desired course. To answer this question, there are many government and private organizations in USA that provide financial support for deserving candidates to pursue their studies. If the eligibility criteria are taken care of, then it is not such an uphill task to get scholarships or financial aid from any organization. In this article we are discussing about the general study expanses and also about the scholarships and financials aids at USA. Let's look into the study expenses and scholarships in USA.

Living Costs In United States For International Students

Study Expenses
There are two types of institutions in USA: state supported (public institutes) and private institutions. In total, fees comprise of tuition, insurance charges, student organization charges, administration fees etc. The amount varies with different courses and universities. An approximation is as given below; you have to contact the chosen school for the exact numbers.
Private Institutions $25,000-$15,000
State Institutions $20,000-$10,000

Living Expenses
United States of America is one of the most expensive places to live in and hence you can expect to live comfortably at an average of $10,000. This amount comprises of accommodation and other expenses. However, it may vary according to your lifestyle and food habits. Most residences cost about $ 400 per month.

American Scholarships For Study Abroad Study
Aid from Home Country: There are several organizations in your country that aim to fund students who want to pursue education abroad. These establishments can be either governmental or non-governmental.

Aid from the US Government: The US government has designed many student assistance programs for the purpose of financial aid. You must remember that Pell Grant, Stafford and PLUS loans are not applicable to international students. The best method to find out about these Government sponsored financial aid is to contact your Embassy, the US Department of State and Education USA. You may also write to the Agency for International Development, office of International Training located in Washington.

Aid from US Educational Institutions: Some higher education centers provide scholarship facilities for students while others only offer a reduction in fees for eligible candidates. In exchange programs, financial aid is usually included. You may also contact a local university to find out the exact details.

Aid from Private US organizations and Sponsors: Some US organizations and sponsors provide financial aid for international students. A few of them are:
  • Fulbright – Provides scholarships for international students enrolled in graduate school.
  • Rotary International – An organization that gives limited foreign student scholarships.
  • The Soros Foundations Network – offers aid to students enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate courses (conditions apply).
  • AAUW – This organization supports female international students who are enrolled in graduate programs and provides them with fellowships.
  • American Councils for International Education – Financial support for international students from Soviet Republics.
  • AMIDEAST – This is an organization that provides grants for international students from the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Institute for International Education – IIE published a book "Funding for U.S. Study: A Guide for Citizens of other Nations which gives information on scholarships and other financial aid offered by governments, private organizations and foundations.
  • Cornell University Graduate School Fellowship Notebook – This is a database with information on funds and financial aids available for graduate international students.
  • King Faisal Foundation – Provides scholarships for Muslim students enrolled in post-graduate courses at any university in the United States of America.
This was some information on the study expenses and financial aid in the United States of America. Hope this article has cleared your doubts about study expenses and financial aid in USA.