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Have you always been dreaming about studying in the USA? This article provides you with a few facts on studying in the USA.

Study in USA

The United States of America is one of the most preferred academic destinations in the world. The USA is blessed with an exhilarating student-friendly, social and economic backdrop which makes it a much sought-after study destination in the world. Universities and institutes in the USA offer highly rewarding and valuable education programs to students. The institutions in the country offer a variety of courses in a number of disciplines which results in a large pool of courses for students to select from. The country has a proud array of honored institutions that offer a long line of courses that range from courses in liberal arts to research oriented programs. The country cares to provide an exotic learning and life experience to its student community. International students are attracted by top-ranked, leading edge institutes spread over the length and breadth of the country. Students who get to study in the USA will get a chance to interact with a highly diverse, rich-in-tradition and a vibrantly modern American society. Most of the institutes in USA adopt a different approach that is entirely different from traditional lectures and tutorials. The process of learning is made lively through active discussions and student lectures. The discussions may proceed over a coffee or a lunch. Isn't that surprisingly unusual? Read on to know more about education in the USA!

Education Programs In United States of America

Education System in USA
According to the educational system in the USA, a student has to complete 12 year primary and secondary education before applying for graduation. This 12-year schooling program can be done from anywhere in the world thus making the system reachable for even international students. The educational system in the USA offers the most novel of educational programs and all of this at some of the world's best institutes. The educational institutes in USA are renowned for quality education, student facilities and resources. The educational standard is maintained continuously by an accreditation system.

Admission For International Students
The process of gaining admission to universities and colleges in the USA can be highly competitive. A good command over the English language, better grades, adequate coursework and sufficient financing are the basic requirements to become a part of alluring campuses of America. Student aspirants have to take standardized tests like SAT, ToEFL, etc. A bachelor's degree along with a GMAT score (Graduate Management Admission Test), a GRE score(Graduate Record Examination) or any other relevant exam score is required to apply for a master's program. Admission processes for international students can take a lot of time. Preparations should begin at least eighteen months before the expected date of arrival. You can get an international student application calendar which will provide you with all of the necessary guidelines.

The cost of studying varies according to the course selected. However, it can range from $5000 to $50,000 or even more. The cost of living depends upon the location of your accommodation. You can expect an expenditure of about $6000 to $10,000 or even more per annum. However international students can do part time work to meet their financial requirements. Scholarships and student loans are also available for students with strong academic performances against their name.

There are numerous accommodation options for students in the USA. Student dormitories are a comparatively cheaper option. Usually the dormitories are furnished and they also cater to the meal requirements of the students. Such dormitories usually are located close to the campus thus offering great convenience to students. Students can stay as paying guests too. Individual flats/apartments make for the next choice.Such an arrangement can provide you with privacy but will come with greater expenses. Students usually hire apartments and share them so that the total rent is divided amongst the mates.

Essential Documentations
Applicants should have a valid passport and it should not expire during the course period. Students who are planning to remain in USA for more than 90 days should have a F1 visa. You can apply for a student visa only after receiving an offer letter from an institution. You need to fill up a special form called I-20, which is nothing but a visa application. You may have to wait for five weeks to get a visa sanctioned from the American embassy. other important documents include your travel and medical insurance. All other essential documents will be mentioned in the guidelines provided by the institution.

The USA can prove to be the most appropriate destination when it comes to studies and even living life to the fullest. A bowl of fun, that's what it is.