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Tips on how to hang a ceiling medallion and medallion lighting.

Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallion is nothing but an oval or circular design feature that is used in modern architecture for decorating purposea. Ceiling medallions that originated in the Middle East are one of the easiest ways of transforming a room from an ordinary room to an elegant room. Ceiling medallions today as a part of modern architecture serves the purpose of a decorative treatment to the ceiling of a house that helps draw attention to its lighting features. Ceiling medallions highlight the areas holding the chandelier. Ceiling medallions help in expanding the visual height of a room and can also help highlight regular light fixtures. You have a variety of designs and patterns in which ceiling medallions are available. These are easy to fix and can also be painted to match the colour of the room ceiling. These can be easily fixed to the ceiling with glue or drywall screws. Ceiling medallions are not expensive giving you an opportunity to use them all around the house. Glance through the tips on installing ceiling medallions and save yourself the cost of hiring a professional to do the job.

Order Materials
Once you have decided on installing a medallion, it is time to order for the materials required. Do not forget to order the ceiling medallion centre while placing orders for other material. Construction adhesive, caulk, fasteners and light fixture hardware are some of the items you need to purchase for the purpose.

Assemble Materials
Once you have the required material at your disposal, start assembling the material closer to the place of installation. Make it a point to double check for everything you need to install a medallion before you start fixing it.

Clean The Ceiling
The next step in installation of a medallion is to clean the ceiling area you are planning to install the medallion in. You will have to turn of the main power switch and remove the old fixture. Make use of dishwashing soap and sponge to clean the ceiling around the old fixture location in order to get rid of dust, dirt and debris. Scrape out any chipped paint or caulk from the old fixture with a knife if necessary.

Once the old fixture is removed and the area is clean, it is time to layout the area you're looking to fix the medallion in. Hold the medallion to position and mark the dimensions on the ceiling. These markings will help you locate and mark ceiling joists in case you are using screws to mount the medallion.

Dry Fit The Assembly
After marking the position for the layout, hold the medallion in place to spot the centre over the electrical box. Place it in a way that helps you access the wires and help you screw holes for the hanging hardware through the hole. You can enlarge the hole with the help of sandpaper if necessary.

Apply Adhesive
Apply the adhesive you bought according to the manufacturer's directions. You might have to make use of temporary clamps or fasteners to secure the medallion on the fixed spot until the adhesive sets properly.

Fasten The Medallion
After securing the medallion with the help of adhesive, it is time to fasten it to the ceiling using coated screws in the predrilled holes. You can make use of toggle bolts if you find it difficult to screw holes directly into the ceiling joists.

Finish Up
Once the adhesive dries out, chalk out the perimeter. Make use of no-shrink spackles to join plaster to patch screw holes. You can paint the area, fill it up with patches and carry on with any other repair work if necessary.